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The pandemic has been difficult for pretty much everyone, but expressing that can be tough. We'll hear what a new collection of six-word memoirs says about the experiences of students, parents and teachers. Plus, why every federal lawmaker is about to get mail from an Arizona project calling for unity. That and more on The Show.

bagged textile squares
Every federal lawmaker in Washington, D.C., is about to get a package in the mail as part of a national protest. And it's not angry letters from constituents. Instead, they’ll each be getting a box of handmade textile squares created with equal parts red and blue materials.
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Attorney General Mark Brnovich took his opposition to the White House’s vaccine mandate to court, where his arguments weren’t well-received. Our Friday NewsCap panelists weigh in on that and the state’s other top stories Plus, Arizona's new Teacher of the Year on exposing students to STEM fields early on. That and more on The Show.

Cam DeCaussin at home Royse Contemporary Scottsdale
“Home” has meant a lot of things during the pandemic: a sanctuary, a hideout, a jail. And that’s what Phoenix painter Cam DeCaussin explores in his newest solo exhibition at Royse Contemporary in Old Town Scottsdale.
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Cities across the country and the state are preparing for an influx of cash, after the passage of the federal infrastructure bill. Mesa Mayor John Giles on projects in his city. And an investigation into the relationship between a nonprofit and state lawmakers on its payroll. That and more on The Show.

A COVID-19 testing site in Phoenix
The average number of COVID-19 cases reported daily in Arizona has risen more than 25% in the last two weeks. The surge is driven by people who aren’t vaccinated, but breakthrough infections among vaccinated people appear to be on the rise too.
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The so-called ballot audit caused all kinds of disagreements—including Republican infighting. A now-former Maricopa County Supervisor talks about the current state of politics and what led to his resignation. Plus, artists take on the many facets of social distancing in a new exhibit. That and more on The Show.

asylum protest
As restrictions lifted at the U.S.-Mexico border this week for many fully vaccinated travelers, many people were eager to cross to reunite with relatives. Some hadn’t seen each other since before the border closed to non-essential travel nearly two years ago. But while some families were finally reconnecting, not everyone was so lucky.
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Arizona utility regulators have approved a rate decrease for the state’s biggest public utility. We'll hear what that decision could really mean for consumers. Plus, finding common ground on the future of U.S. elections. That and more on The Show.

Navajo Generating Station
The Arizona Corporation Commission voted last week to cut Arizona Public Service’s profits by more than $100 million. At the same time, it also voted to dramatically slash funding it had planned to provide to the Navajo Nation and other tribal communities.