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Homelessness has been a big problem in the Valley for years. The Show is starting a weeklong look at the challenges, impacts and potential solutions. Plus, how Native Americans have been portrayed in romance novels. That and more on The Show.

Heart book page
Let’s talk about Indian romance novels — or so goes the title of a recent piece in High Country News by Indigenous journalist Taylar Dawn Stagner. In it, she writes about her love of the sometimes corny, sometimes raunchy genre — and how a boom of Native American-themed romance novels that were popular not all that long ago made her think twice.
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A leaked memo offers insight into U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s strategy if she chooses to run for reelection next year. Our Friday NewsCap panelists analyze that and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, the art of clearing books off your shelves. That and more on The Show.

Ruben Gallego, Kyrsten Sinema and Kari Lake
KJZZ’s Friday NewsCap revisits some of the biggest stories of the week from Arizona and beyond. This week, Gaelle Esposito of Creosote Partners and Marcus Dell’Artino of First Strategic discuss that and more.
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Billions of dollars of federal aid for child care go away next week with the new federal fiscal year. We’ll hear how that could impact Arizona families and child care centers. And beyond tequila shots, a new book dives into the rich history of agave spirits. That and more on The Show.

A sign near the Nogales Arizona Port of Entry
Migrant encounters at the southern border surged in August, to almost 233,000 for the month, with the Tucson sector posting the highest numbers in the nation for the second straight month, according to Customs and Border Protection.
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Maternal mortality rates — both in Arizona and across the U.S. — have been on the rise in recent years. We’ll take a look at why those numbers are especially bad for women of color. Plus, Phoenix officials are getting ready to spend a $10 million grant to plant trees across the city. That and more on The Show.

pregnant woman
As the mother of three and a midwife, Lakisa Muhammad told The Show that she’s seen the kind of discrimination Black women face in the labor and delivery room countless times, and she’s experienced it herself.
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Gov. Katie Hobbs is going around the GOP-led Legislature and refusing to send any more of her agency heads to be confirmed. Republican lawmakers could take legal action in return. Plus, the first all-Native American comic book is back more than two decades later with "Tribal Force." That and more on The Show.

Gov. Katie Hobbs
Accusing senators of "partisan obstructionism,'' Gov. Katie Hobbs announced Monday she won't seek confirmation of any of her nominees to head state agencies who haven't already been through the process.