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This summer’s monsoon season keeps drenching the Valley. We’ll hear if the rain is enough to make a difference in our ongoing drought. Plus, the FBI’s work with local law enforcement to resolve the cases of missing or murdered indigenous women. That and more on The Show.

Tamara Stanger at the Lakehouse at Deer Creek
Until recently, Tamara Stanger was an award-winning chef in the Valley, crafting innovative cuisine using native, often foraged Arizona ingredients.
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Tuesday was primary election day in Arizona. We’ll take a look at the results and who’s moving on to November’s general election. Plus, the Asian cuisine that seems to be on the cusp of a breakout. That and more on The Show.

republican elephant graphic
The Show spoke with consultant Kevin DeMenna, who has been involved in state politics and government for decades. He says the true rift within the Republican Party began in the 1980s when Evan Mecham was elected governor.
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The number of robocalls we get has gone down over the last year thanks to a federal law. We’ll hear why our cell phones still aren’t immune to potential scams. Plus, monarch butterflies are in danger, but a single plant can be a big help. That and more on The Show.

An early ballot for the 2022 primary election in Maricopa County
On Tuesday, Arizona voters will choose primary candidates for November’s general election. The polls are outfitted with equipment to combat election fraud, and the state is in the national spotlight.
Arizona primary election live results
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Title 42 was meant to be a stopgap measure to protect public health at the border when the pandemic hit. Advocates who argue it’s hurting migrants are challenging a judge’s order to keep it in place today. Plus, a Valley doctor says a new prostate cancer treatment could offer help with other illnesses. That and more on The Show.

Prostate cancer micrograph
Prostate cancer patients have a new treatment, and Dr. Phillip Koo says lots of patients will qualify to use it.
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Arizona’s primary election is only a few days away, and most of the highest-profile races are still up in the air. Our Friday NewsCap panelists on what they expect, and the rest of the week’s top stories. And why priests are being murdered in Mexico. That and more on The Show. 

David Lujan and Marcus Dell’Artino
This week, Arizona's Republican party censured two mayors who support another term for democratic Sen. Mark Kelly.