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COVID-19 vaccine data show disparities in race and income in terms of who's getting the shot and who's not. We'll hear why that is and how to address it. Plus, with the pandemic keeping people from hearing live music, a Tempe resident brought mini-concerts to neighborhoods. That and more on The Show. 

AJ Odneal Ditch Music
When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down most live music, Tempe's Paul Kent introduced Ditch Music — rolling concerts that rode through neighborhoods featuring some of the Phoenix area's favorite musicians.
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American politics is polarized right now, and people don’t always want to listen to different viewpoints. We'll hear how to try to bridge that divide and get people talking to each other again. And a check of what to expect this week at the Arizona Capitol. That and more on The Show.

Kyrsten Sinema
The 2018 campaign that Kyrsten Sinema ran to become Arizona’s first Democratic U.S. Senator in more than 20 years emphasized the word “independent.” And since Sinema’s election, she has followed through on that approach. But that has caused her problems with both Democrats and Republicans.
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Maricopa County supervisors avoided potential arrest this week, as a contempt resolution failed in the state senate. The Show's Friday NewsCap analyzes the week’s top stories. And, in advance of Statehood Day, how newspapers covered Arizona’s entrance into the union. That and more on The Show.

Arizona's flag
Arizona Statehood Day is Feb. 14 — this year will mark Arizona’s 109th as a state. And things were, as you might imagine, a lot different around this time in 1912 than they are today. In 1912, there were 16 daily newspapers published in Arizona and 46 weeklies; that was with a population of around 206,000.
Q&AZ: What Headlines Were In Newspapers In 1912 Besides Statehood?
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Tax filing season is upon us, and that means financial fraud cases could be on the rise. The pandemic and related stimulus efforts have been a popular target for scammers. Plus, how a new collaboration aims to address the Navajo Nation's heating crisis. That and more on The Show.

child using a computer
As Congress and the Biden administration continue talks on a new round of COVID-19 relief, the IRS is continuing to investigate fraud in previous versions.
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Economic struggles related to COVID-19 continue to lead to more evictions, and Phoenix is a hot spot. We'll hear how new policies and additional federal assistance could change that. Plus, new legislation might make one small pandemic-era policy permanent: restaurants selling alcohol to go. That and more on The Show.

exterior of salon window
An Arizona lawmaker has introduced a bill to establish a state committee to study block chain and cryptocurrency and come up with potential legislation. We talked with a Scottsdale small-business owner and one of the nation’s biggest nonprofits to learn how cryptocurrencies impact their bottom lines.
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