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K-12 education in Arizona has been underfunded for years. What’s next for finding initial money now that a judge has ruled against the Invest in Ed initiative? Plus, why schools may not be able to be insured against COVID-19 claims. That and more on The Show.

an empty classroom at a Phoenix high school
While schools await guidance on reopening from the state health department, Arizona’s top education official said it’s unlikely any school can reopen by Aug. 17. That’s the date Gov. Doug Ducey ordered schools to reopen, at least in a limited capacity to provide a place for students who have nowhere else to go during traditional school hours.
More Arizona Education News
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Arizona schools are still waiting on guidelines from the governor and schools superintendent on how to keep classrooms safe, and teachers may walk out if conditions are dangerous. Plus, how pop culture may shift as a result of the pandemic. That and more on The Show. 

Invest In Ed signs
An initiative to raise taxes on wealthy Arizonans to fund public schools may not make it to the ballot — again. A Maricopa County Superior Court judge ruled July 31 that the 100-word description on petitions used to collect signatures for the Invest in Education Act included misleading statements.
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Arizona continues to report thousands of cases of COVID-19 every day, and educators want firm mandates before kids go back to school. Friday NewsCap panelists talk about that and the state’s other top stories. And, a Phoenix hotel ends an agreement that led to migrant children being housed in its rooms. That and more on The Show.

Phoenix Police officers in riot gear outside their headquarters during a protest.
In part five of this series, long-standing efforts to reform and reimagine policing have gained strength nationally and locally. Why is now different, what do calls to "defund the police" really mean? People have been pushing for police reform for many years, but the George Floyd case nationally and a number of cases locally have finally given traction to those efforts.
Boiling Point: Policing In Arizona At A Crossroads
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The Trump administration says it's making changes to the DACA program weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld it. We'll hear what those changes are and what they mean for recipients. Plus, how a policy shift at the Maricopa County Attorney's Office will affect same-sex couples who want to adopt. That and more on The Show.

Activists speak
A cellphone camera caught the police-killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Within minutes, thousands of people in hundreds of cities spoke out to protest police violence and demand police reform. Rebroadcasts pinged into downloads, web pages and conversations TV and radio networks, changing what we know about policing.
Boiling Point: Policing In Arizona At A Crossroads
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Mask wearing in public has been a significant part of trying to slow the spread of COVID-19. How has that affected communication for people who are deaf or hard of hearing? Plus, education leaders work to motivate students to prevent a lost school year. That and more on The Show.

Phoenix Police riot gear protest
This is a pivotal moment in history for policing both in Arizona and across the country. Violent confrontations have driven outrage, protests and calls for reform. And they’ve also raised questions about the culture and mindset of police: warriors vs. guardians.
Boiling Point: Policing In Arizona At A Crossroads