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It's been a long and contentious session at the Arizona Capitol, marked by partisan rancor and a few bipartisan breakthroughs. Our Friday NewsCap panelists analyze the session and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, is lab-grown meat the future for food? That and more on The Show.

Stacy Pearson and Paul Bentz
Stacy Pearson, Democratic consultant and co-founder of Lumen Strategies; and Paul Bentz, vice president of research and strategy at GOP consulting firm HighGround, joined The Show to talk about the long and contentious session at the Arizona Capitol.
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Arizona lawmakers ended their session this week with a rare bipartisan deal, but there are still dozens of department head nominees that GOP lawmakers refuse to confirm. We'll also hear about the future of the light rail. Plus, a new podcast dives into the history of our national parks. That and more on The Show.

This photo shows an inside view of an empty light rail car. The camera is positioned facing toward the back of the car, and toward several rows of gray plastic seats. Each row contains two seats.
After months of negotiations, state lawmakers finally struck a deal that will allow Maricopa County voters to decide whether or not to extend a half-cent sales tax earmarked for transportation projects. But Republican lawmakers did all they could to restrict how those tax dollars can be used to fund the Valley’s light rail system.
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The Board of Supervisors in Mohave County voted against their own plan to conduct a hand count of ballots on Tuesday. While there was pressure from election skeptics to do it, but in the end it all came down to cost. Plus, we’ll hear why Arizona's social equity licenses for marijuana dispensaries have largely gone to corporate interests. That and more on The Show.

Navajo Nation president's office
The Show spoke with Shondiin Silversmith, who covers indigenous issues for the Arizona Mirror, about what's happening on the Navajo Nation.
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Phoenix summers have always been brutal, but now we are on the front lines of climate change as we break heat records left and right. We’ll hear from Mayor Kate Gallego on how we can lead the way when it comes to adapting to extreme heat. Plus, what do real-life archeologists think of Indiana Jones? That and more on The Show.

The Arizona Capitol Executive Tower
A monthslong fight over whether to allow voters in Maricopa County to vote on an extension of a half-cent sales tax came to an end Monday, as a deal cut between Republican leaders of the Legislature and Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs passed the House and Senate.
More Arizona politics news
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The Arizona legislature comes back into session today, after a lengthy break.  We’ll get a preview of what they may (and may not) do. Plus, the story of how ice became such a hot commodity. That and more on The Show.

Arizona State Capitol building
It may be the middle of summer, but lawmakers are back in session with one big item on the table: Prop. 400. This is the half-cent transit tax in Maricopa County that has paid for 40 years of transit expansion and road improvements in the Phoenix area.