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The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant effect on businesses in Arizona. We'll hear how small businesses are trying to pivot and how Snowbowl plans to deal with COVID-19. Plus, Arizonans share their stories of the holidays and food. That and more on The Show.

Rocking horse
At 5 years old, KJZZ's Katie Campbell had her heart set on finding an ornate rocking horse under the Christmas tree. She had to settle for sweet revenge on a Santa cake. It's the first essay in Amy Silverman's "Eating Christmas" storytelling event, and we'll be sharing a new one each week on The Show.
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The pandemic's impact continues to be felt in Arizona schools — including colleges and universities. We'll hear how one instructor on how ASU managed COVID-19 this semester. Plus, helping adults with autism find affordable housing. That and more on The Show.

Tucson skyline
Arizona’s second largest city voted Tuesday night to install a mandatory curfew beginning this Friday through most of December. The Tucson City Council heard from hospital leaders in the community who warned their institutions are beginning to get overwhelmed.
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Arizona continues to see more people infected with COVID-19 and having to go to the hospital because of it. Researchers are trying to figure out who's most susceptible to the virus. Plus, how the pandemic has led Airbnb to modify its policies in Arizona and elsewhere. That and more on The Show.

Members of the Trump campaign held an informal hearing with Arizona lawmakers in downtown Phoenix on Monday. The campaign continued to make unfounded claims about election fraud on the same day that Arizona’s vote count was certified.
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The latest COVID-19 spike has medical professionals renewing the call for wearing masks and practicing social distancing. Maricopa County’s Public Health Director tells us how the Valley is dealing with the surge in cases. Plus, how the pandemic and upcoming vaccination plans may spotlight racial inequities. That and more on The Show.

testing site
As COVID-19 cases spike in our state, public health leaders, some Arizona mayors and many education leaders have called on Gov. Doug Ducey to do more to stop the spread of the virus, especially in the school and business sectors.
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For our post-Thanksgiving episode of The Show, we're putting on our stretchiest elastic-waist pants and bringing out some of our most unique, entertaining and favorite encore stories.

Greenwood Brewing Herstory Brew
Today, we meet former industrial engineer turned craft brewer Megan Greenwood. Greenwood started as a home brewer but soon put her engineering and marketing skills to use by building a manufacturing facility and tap room. The Greenwood Brewery, on Roosevelt Row, will open this spring.