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Metro Phoenix cities vie for economic development projects but also have to keep their water resources in mind. We’ll hear how cities think about those two sometimes competing priorities. Plus, from broccoli to peas, why winter is one of the best seasons for gardening in Arizona. That and more on The Show.

Lake Mead
The Phoenix area has been one of the fastest growing metros in the country for years, with people and businesses moving here and developments sprouting up Valley wide. But, at the same time, the region is facing a water shortage, as Colorado River supplies decline, and leaders look for new potential sources.
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Gov. Katie Hobbs’ budget proposal got a chilly reception among GOP lawmakers, and there’s already some talk of a government shutdown. Our Friday NewsCap panelists break down the week’s top stories. Plus, a concert this weekend shines a spotlight on a piece of history. That and more on The Show.

Delena Humble-Fisher at Sin Muerte in downtown Phoenix
To hear bar manager Delena Humble-Fischer talk about cocktails is like hearing an artist describe the inspiration behind their work. And, it turns out, that’s not far from the truth about her.
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Reported cases of COVID-19 continue to drop in Arizona, but the number of deaths continues to rise. The winter trends as we watch the rise of a new variant on the East Coast. Plus, an iconic Mill Avenue bookstore has closed. We were there for its final day. That and more on The Show.

Snowmass Colorado skiers
Heavy rain and snow could provide a boost to the Colorado River, where the nation's largest reservoirs are shrinking due to 23 years of drought and steady demand. But climate scientists warn that it will take more than one wet winter to end the drought.
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New Attorney General Kris Mayes has promised to end a so-called sweetheart deal to use Arizona water to grow Saudi crops. We’ll hear how the history of water in the Southwest has long been tied to the Middle Eastern empire. Plus, from birds to frogs, turning an urban backyard into a desert oasis. That and more on The Show.

Michael Lanier
Xeriscaping has been a thing for a while now, but Michael Lanier is taking that concept to a whole new level. Lanier is the owner of Pueblo, a plant store on Grand Avenue in downtown Phoenix that’s known for its well-informed staff and hip aesthetic.
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A lot of Arizonans have ideas about how to change the way the state conducts its elections. Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer talks about his. Plus, why some Valley bees are addicted to sugary coffee drinks. That and more on The Show.

Illustration of Dutch Bros coffee cup covered in bees
Robrt Pela found that many Dutch Bros. coffee stands have a bee problem — and it’s not just a problem for the customers. It’s also making the bees sick. Pela wrote the story for PHOENIX magazine. He joined The Show to talk about what he saw when he started investigating this story.
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