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California has rules about getting rid of hazardous waste that are stricter than those in Arizona. That’s led our neighbor to dump some of its contaminated waste in landfills here. Plus, how online dating has evolved over the past several years. That and more on The Show.

illustration of people kissing over a computer
Liesel Sharabi is an online dating expert. She’s out with a new study just in time for Valentine’s Day that dives deep into the world of digital dating.
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All eyes were on Phoenix this weekend as the Super Bowl came to the Valley. How did Phoenix fare, and what does all the attention do for out national profile? Plus, one local chef is redefining Southern food right here in the Southwest. That and more on The Show.

Lombardi Trophy Super Bowl LVII
To talk about the cultural side of the most-watched sporting event in the nation, Phoenix Magazine Editor Craig Outhier sat down with The Show.
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Bipartisanship prevailed at the state Capitol this week, and lawmakers waived a spending cap that could have spelled disaster for schools. Our Friday NewsCap panelists discuss that and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, the rise of “social omnivores” and the new vegetarianism. That and more on The Show. 

Dawn Penich-Thacker and Paul Bentz
Arizona schools avoided budget catastrophe this week when supermajorities in the House and Senate agreed to lift a voter-imposed spending cap, but the issue will be back next year.
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State lawmakers came together to lift the school spending cap — for this year, at least. What’s next for school funding? Plus, this year’s Super Bowl is the first to feature two Black starting quarterbacks. We’ll hear what it means for the NFL. That and more on The Show.

Cochise County Courhouse in Bisbee
In rural Cochise County, the aftermath of the last election and the conspiracy theories that surrounded it are still playing out.
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From flyovers to troops on the field, patriotism and the NFL have become synonymous. One veteran says these displays ring hollow to her. Plus, a new investigation finds drugs laced with fentanyl being sold at certain pharmacies south of the border. That and more on The Show.

A lot of Arizonans go to border towns in Mexico to get prescription drugs, where they can get cheaper medications, often without needing a prescription. But a new investigation from the Los Angeles Times raises serious concerns about this longtime practice.