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COVID-19 infections continue to increase in Arizona, as does controversy about requiring proof of vaccination. One of the first restaurants to require proof tells us why they did it and what the response has been. Plus, a legendary Valley band gets another turn in pop culture. That and more on The Show.

FnB in Scottsdale
A James Beard Award-winning Arizona chef is facing harsh criticism after she announced that her restaurant they will require their guests to show proof of vaccination to eat there.
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The national eviction moratorium has been lifted, leaving many Americans on the verge of being without a place to live. We'll hear how the expiration may affect Arizona. Plus, how the Pac-12 conference — including ASU and University of Arizona — will deal with college sports' rapidly changing landscape. That and more on The Show.

Based on Balls Diamondbacks Chase Field ball machine sculpture
If you’ve ever been down to Chase Field for a Diamondbacks game, you’ve probably seen George Rhoads' work. Rhoads is the builder of "Based on Balls" — the complex 10-by-40-foot kinetic sculpture featuring balls traveling around a maze of tracks, culminating in the sounds of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” while little metal replicas of baseball spectators do the wave.
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COVID-19 infections are once again on the rise as public health officials are sounding the alarm about the delta variant. Are we headed toward a world in which COVID-19 is endemic? Plus, the head of Valley Metro on the future of transit and transportation in the Phoenix area. That and more on The Show.

Bill Gates
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors rejected the latest subpoena of election-related materials made by two top Arizona state senators, in part because the Republicans in charge of the Senate don’t have enough votes to enforce the subpoena.
More Arizona Political News
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Some Valley cities have passed anti-discrimination ordinances over the past several months, aimed at protecting those in the LGBT community. We'll hear why Chandler's effort has hit a road block. Plus, how employers are trying to keep their workers amid "The Big Quit." That and more on The Show.

Phoenix Pride 2018
Many cities around the state have passed non-discrimination ordinances to protect their LGBTQ communities in recent years. But in Chandler, an effort to get the City Council to pass an ordinance extending protections in housing, employment and public places to gay and lesbian people stalled last month.
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The controversial ballot audit in Maricopa County continues to cause confusion — including whether the state Senate's liaison was still on board. Our Friday NewsCap panelists weigh in on that and the state’s other top stories. Plus, a documentary filmmaker takes on the craziest story he's ever heard. That and more on The Show.

David Holthouse Hulu Sasquatch documentary
Writer and documentary filmmaker David Holthouse has covered a lot of dangerous, interesting stories — including during a stint at Phoenix New Times in the 1990s. His latest project is a Hulu documentary series called "Sasquatch."