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The Valley has already set a record for days with high temperatures of at least 110 degrees. We'll hear how that heat is affecting energy use and public health. Plus, as more of us have worked from home in recent months, one Gilbert resident on what it’s been like to do it for years. That and more on The Show.

When President Donald Trump speaks in Yuma on Tuesday, he’s expected to focus on immigration and border security, especially the border wall. The administration has installed nearly 300 miles of wall along the southwest border, much of which is simply replacing steel fencing erected within the last 10 years. At 30 feet high with solid steel posts, it’s changing the landscape of the Southwest.
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Arizona State University is scheduled to start classes this week, but hundreds of faculty, staff and students want the school to reconsider in-person courses for now. ASU President Michael Crow on the school’s plans going forward. And, Boys and Girls Clubs are seeing a boost in membership, as parents go back to work and school is largely remote. That and more on The Show.

Michael Crow ASU
The Pac-12 made the decision to postpone all of its fall sports to the spring. But even as athletic program supporters won’t be on campus, thousands of ASU students will be by Aug. 20. The Show spoke with ASU President Michael Crow and began by asking about his expectations for this abnormal beginning to the school year.
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Making sure there’s enough affordable housing in the Phoenix area has been a challenge for a number of years. A group of health plans is trying to change the way the state thinks about affordable housing. And, why “pandemic fatigue” may outlast the pandemic itself. That and more on The Show.

Gov. Doug Ducey
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey agreed today to accept a federal offer of an extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits to replace the $600 payments that expired at the end of last month. But the governor won't be using cash he has available to provide an optional state match.
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Gyms, bars and rental home owners are all challenging Gov. Ducey’s orders related to the pandemic. Our Friday NewsCap analyzes the latest on COVID-19 in Arizona and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, new research finds 40% of Phoenix schools are within a thousand feet of a tobacco retailer. That and more on The Show.

Governor Doug Ducey
When Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey or the state’s public health officials talk about benchmarks for reopening schools or businesses, they talk a lot about the percentage of COVID-19 tests that turn up positive. But the positivity rates the state reports are consistently lower than what’s reported by other sources.
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The Invest in Ed initiative was removed from this fall’s ballot over issues with its 100-word summary. We'll hear the controversy over those summaries and where challenges to ballot measures stand. Plus, does the University of Arizona's purchase of a for-profit blur the lines of higher education? That and more on The Show.

Lightning in Phoenix
Monsoon season is here, and that means The Show's annual "Monsoon Stories" series is back. Robrt Pela, a culture critic for the Phoenix New Times, shared his essay "Summer's Third Act," which explores the sensations of waiting and experiencing a monsoon.