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Why colder months tend to see an increase in disease. Plus, scientists make their first attempt at getting a sample from the surface of an asteroid. That and more on The Show.

a person sick in bed
Daily new COVID-19 cases are on the rise again, and with cooler weather in the air, The Show wanted to know what might be ahead in the weeks and months to come. Dr. Purnima Madhivanan is an infectious disease epidemiologist with the University of Arizona.
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Two polls show Democrat Mark Kelly leading Arizona's U.S. Senate race, and legislative leaders are questioning Gov. Doug Ducey’s emergency powers. Our Friday NewsCap panelists take on those and other top stories of the week. Plus, the highlights of nearly five decades of concert promoting. That and more on The Show.

Fall aspen trees northern Arizona
It's still warm in Phoenix, but that doesn’t mean that fall is that way in the entire state. Arizona travel writer Roger Naylor is an avid hiker in Northern Arizona, and The Show asked him for his favorite spots to see colored leaves or feel a cool breeze.
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The recession that's come as a result of the coronavirus pandemic has hit a lot of sectors. Well hear how Arizona's nonprofits are doing and what the future may hold. Plus, why COVID-19 may be making the country's childhood obesity problem worse. That and more on The Show.

census forms
A ruling by a majority of the Supreme Court has put an early stop to the U.S. Census count. It had been scheduled to finish on Oct. 31, but that was moved up a couple of weeks by the Trump Administration, and the high court approved it. That means the official count ends Oct. 15 at midnight, causing a scramble among a diverse variety of groups trying to get the percentage of respondents to be as high as possible.
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Proposition 208 — Invest in Ed — would raise income taxes on wealthier Arizonans to bring hundreds of millions of dollars into the state’s K-12 system. We'll hear two very different perspectives on the initiative. Plus, Phoenix aims to snuff out flavored tobacco. That and more on The Show.

Signs against and for Arizona Proposition 208
Voter have to decide on two citizen initiatives that qualified for this year's ballot. The Show is bringing you elevator pitches of sorts from the supporters and the opponents of these proposals, starting with Proposition 208, or the Invest in Education Act.
More Arizona Election News
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Cases of COVID-19 are spiking in some states around the country, although Arizona is not one of them. A public health expert on when Arizonans could see some restrictions relaxed. Plus, Mohave County officials decide against removing their COVID-19 emergency declaration. That and more on The Show.

facebook twitter phone apps
The power of social media on politics and elections isn’t restricted to President Donald Trump’s tweets and the retweets of his followers. And it isn’t always more conventional celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Tom Hanks or younger singers and musicians who are having an impact. Sometimes, it’s people who are famous mostly for being online influencers.