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The good and bad news for Arizona in the latest jobs report. Plus, a look at the state’s most competitive congressional election. That and more on The Show.

An early voting center in north Phoenix on Oct. 22, 2020.
Arizona voters are shattering records, with more than 1 million ballots already cast in Maricopa County. The deadline to request an early ballot by mail has passed, but you can still cast your vote early ahead of what is sure to be a long Election Day.
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President Trump was back in Arizona this week, trying to keep the state from turning blue next month. Our Friday NewsCap panelists weigh in on the week’s top Arizona stories. Plus, how are so-called superspreaders complicating the fight against COVID-19? That and more on The Show.

Roy and Paul in studio
KJZZ's Friday NewsCap revisits some of the biggest stories of the week. The Show discussed the week in news with attorney and former congressional staffer Roy Herrera and Paul Bentz of HighGround.
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More and more students are going back to the classroom, even as the number of Covid cases increases in Arizona. Checking in with a Valley superintendent to see how the school year is going. Plus, why one author considers Jimmy Carter an underrated president and an overrated former president. That and more on The Show.

Angelina and David Beaudry
Halloween is going to be tough to navigate in a pandemic. Parents shared their creative ideas for an alternative celebration.
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Votes are now being counted in Arizona, in advance of Election Day. We'll look at who’s already voted and what that might tell us. Plus, what books written during the Trump era say about how the country thinks and feels about what's going on. That and more on The Show.

Signs for and against Proportion 207
Arizona Proposition 207 is asking voters to decide whether or not to legalize adult recreational marijuana. A similar proposal was defeated in 2016, but supporters of the initiative were not deterred. And now Arizonans have a chance to vote again.
The Case For And Against Prop 208, Invest In Ed
More Arizona Election News | Arizona Voter Guide
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One Phoenix area town has already said it will not allow marijuana sales if Proposition 207 passes. We'll hear about the legal mechanisms behind the plan. Plus, a young adult novel is getting new attention in today's conversation about racism. That and more on The Show.

2020 ballot
The voter registration deadline in Arizona has changed several times in the final weeks before the election, confusing many Arizonans. Problems with voter registration in Arizona aren’t new — and they have caused thousands of ballots to be thrown out in previous elections.