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Last year, Arizona voters passed Invest in Ed to tax the state's wealthiest to pay for education. The organizers of that initiative are back on the streets, this time to put the governor's new flat tax on the ballot for voters to decide. Plus, Arizona's ongoing lawsuit over prison health care is going to trial. That and more on The Show. 

people signing petitions
Arizona lawmakers approved tax cuts in this year’s budget many say are designed to undercut Proposition 208, the Invest In Education initiative that voters approved at the 2020 ballot. Now, educators are, once again, prepared for battle.
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South Phoenix businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic and the construction of light rail on Central Avenue. We'll hear how an influential community development fund is recommitting itself to the underserved there. Plus, Phoenix tries a Shark Tank-style pitch session to redevelop a historic site. That and more on The Show.

Central Avenue light rail construction CityScape
In the late 1980s and early '90s, Tommy Espinoza looked around his neighborhood in south Phoenix and didn’t like what he saw. At the same time, he was putting together a community development effort for the National Council of La Raza — and he realized there was a common thread that could help them all: capital.
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State Senate Republicans' review of Maricopa County ballots will continue as the contractor claims the numbers don’t add up. Our Friday NewsCap panelists weigh in on that and the state’s other top stories. Plus, what can the U.S. government do about the increasing number of migrant deaths in the desert heat? That and more on The Show.

Lorna Romero Chris Herstam
KJZZ's Friday NewsCap revisits some of the biggest stories of the week. The Show discussed the week in news with Lorna Romero, owner of Elevate Strategies; and political analyst Chris Herstam.
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Arizona’s new budget allocates more than a billion dollars to child care issues. We'll hear where that money's going and who it may impact. Plus, how a documentary about an Arizona political scandal is being used to train lawmakers. That and more on The Show.

Maricopa County ballots from the 2020 general election are examined and recounted
The so-called audit of the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County that Republicans in the Arizona state Senate are conducting is coming to a head.
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Arizona and the rest of the nation continue to deal with the effects of COVID-19, as the delta variant takes hold. A former White House advisor tells us what could have been done better over the course of the pandemic. Plus, how new development on the former Paradise Valley Mall site could change that part of Phoenix. That and more on The Show.

Doug Ducey
In his latest piece, Craig Harris, a reporter with USA Today who formerly worked at the Arizona Republic, investigated why Ducey and a handful of his top staffers supported a multi-year effort by a powerful Texas businessman and Republican donor to extract millions of dollars in tax refunds from Arizona’s Department of Revenue.