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The U.S. Senate passed a bipartisan infrastructure package, with some of the credit going to Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema. Our Friday NewsCap panelists will weigh in on Sinema’s influence and the week’s other top stories. And how are Valley music venues hoping to stay open while dealing with the delta variant? That and more on The Show.

Rodney Scott
The chief of the U.S. Border Patrol announced he is retiring at the end of the week. Rodney Scott was favored by former President Donald Trump and showed a lot of support for Trump’s border wall.
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The Border Patrol is reporting record apprehensions at the country's southern border. Why that is and what the feds are doing about it. And how the pandemic has affected urban walkability. That and more on The Show.

movie theater
The Phoenix Film Festival started 21 years ago, and its latest incarnation begins Aug. 12. It’s typically held in the spring, but the pandemic caused schedule shifts of all kinds, so the festival is presenting a summer version of sorts.
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Arizona is in the midst of an unpleasant streak of at least 2,000 reported COVID cases per day. We'll hear how nurses are dealing with the impact of the delta variant. Plus, a new political column measures which of two moderate Democratic Senators — including Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema — is more influential. That and more on The Show.

Doug Mastriano and Cris Dush tour Arizona audit
The Arizona Senate’s review of Maricopa County’s 2020 election is potentially nearing its end, as Cyber Ninjas is preparing its final report. At the same time, Republican lawmakers in other states are in various stages of trying to start their own similar processes.
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Debate continues over vaccine mandates, even as the state has banned them in many settings. We'll hear who can and cannot tell us we have to get the vaccine. Plus, what new research says about what wildfires may look like in a climate-changed future. That and more on The Show.

Vaccination card
As we watch those COVID-19 numbers go up, we’re also seeing more organizations, companies and governments announce vaccine mandates — a controversial approach to stopping yet another wave of infections in the U.S.
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Arizona continues to see increased rates of COVID-19 infections as the delta variant takes hold. We'll hear why pediatricians are sounding the alarm about the risk to kids. Plus, hundreds of businesses are asking political leaders in Arizona and elsewhere to take action on climate change. That and more on The Show.

Phoenix Children's Hospital
As we see the number of COVID-19 cases rise across the country, a disturbing trend is emerging: the rise of cases — sometimes serious ones — in kids. And Dr. Wassim Ballan says the ultra-transmissible delta variant could be changing the game when it comes to kids.
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