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As COVID-19 numbers continue to come down, more businesses and workers are thinking about coming back to the office. We’ll take look at some of the questions surrounding more time at work. Plus, how one artist’s knowledge of biology and love of animals show up on the canvas. That and more on The Show.

Business people meeting on video call in the office during COVID-19 pandemic
As COVID-19 cases decline, some jobs are considering sending workers back to the office. But they’ve been here before, with plans to have employees back at their desks, only to have to scrap them as new variants emerged and cases surged.
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Arizona state Sen. Kelly Townsend has abandoned her run for Congress, and will instead challenge fellow Republican Wendy Rogers for re-election. Our Friday NewsCap analyzes that and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, a new anthology lets us hear from kids sharing their experiences from the pandemic. That and more on The Show.

Wendy Rogers (left) and Kelly Townsend.
Arizona state Sen. Kelly Townsend has abandoned her run for Congress, and will instead challenge fellow Republican Wendy Rogers for reelection. Plus, a series of election-related bills were defeated this week at the state Capitol.
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Why so many Arizona dialysis centers have been hit with violations and fines. And conspiracies are not new, but they have really taken off in recent years with help from a former president. That and more on The Show. 

American Energy-Woodford's Judge South well
President Joe Biden signed an executive order this week to ban Russian oil imports in response to the invasion of Ukraine. To understand the impact of this move, The Show spoke with Daniel Rothenberg of Arizona State University's Center on the Future of War.
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Races for secretary of state in Arizona and elsewhere have gotten a lot of attention this year, as some candidates continue to dispute the 2020 election. Why that increased attention has also led to a big increase in money in those races. And a new book documents the edible aspects of different parts of the country. That and more on The Show.

books locked up
Amid the national debate over parents’ rights and responsibilities in their kids’ schools, Arizona lawmakers are considering measures that supporters say would increase transparency in public schools.
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Arizona has been dealing with a teacher shortage for years, as have states across the country. What’s worked and what hasn’t in the effort to put a dent in that. That and more on The Show.

English student
Parents can now apply to get their kids caught up in school from Gov. Doug Ducey’s summer camp program he announced in his State of the State speech in January.