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Maricopa County officials met Monday to refute lies they say are coming from the state Senate's election audit. The chair of the Board of Supervisors tells us where that leaves the ongoing dispute between the sides. Plus, we’ll meet the new head of Ability360. That and more on The Show.

Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates
During a Monday meeting, the county Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to send a letter to Senate President Karen Fann calling on her to put an end to the audit which they say is encouraging Arizona citizens to distrust elections. Board Of Supervisors Chair Jack Sellers talked with The Show about it.
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Arizona’s medical community has recently been critical of state government over certain policies. The new head of the Arizona Medical Association on trying to make docs a healthcare resource for policymakers. Plus, how changes to the child tax credit could impact children living in poverty. That and more on The Show.

eviction notice
The Justice Department is appealing the ruling of a federal judge in Washington, D.C., which struck down the CDC's eviction moratorium. As the case continues, and the end of the moratorium looms regardless of the outcome, how are tenants and landlords handling the situation?
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Gov. Doug Ducey’s signature has turned Arizona's Permanent Early Voting List into the Active Early Voting List. Our Friday NewsCap panelists discuss how that could affect future elections in the state. Plus, should wildlife have the same rights to land and property that humans do? That and more on The Show.

congo masks at the musical instrument museum
We’ve all been talking a lot about wearing masks these days to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, a different type of mask is taking center stage: Congolese masks.
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Colonial Pipeline remains shut down after a cyberattack against it. We'll hear what the incident says about cybersecurity and how to prevent the next attack. Plus, the photographer who's taking images of all 400-plus Frank Lloyd Wright properties on what we can learn from his designs. That and more on The Show.

Contractors working for Cyber Ninjas
The Arizona Senate’s audit into the results of the 2020 election in Maricopa County will halt for a week as high school graduates take the place of ballots at the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix. The ongoing effort is making headlines not just in Arizona, but nationwide — and now it’s put Arizona center stage on late night TV.
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The 2022 U.S. Senate race is already heating up in Arizona. We'll hear why an out-of-state billionaire is investing $10 million in one particular candidate. Plus, how social media may have helped teens deal with the pandemic. That and more on The Show.

martin quezada and michelle ugenti-rita
State lawmakers passed and Gov. Doug Ducey signed a law May 11 that would take the "permanent" out of Arizona's Permanent Early Voter List, a program that about 80% of Arizona voters use to receive a ballot by mail. To learn more about the new law, The Show heard from Sen. Martin Quezada, a Democrat; and Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita, a Republican who sponsored the bill.