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The future of DACA is on the minds of many recipients, but some who weren’t eligible have had to establish lives in Mexico. A new documentary looks into those so-called “return migrants.” Plus, our Exit Interview series continues with a painter who left Phoenix for Berlin. That and more on The Show.

a white sage stick
As sage has ballooned in popularity, journalists and activists are uncovering a dirty truth about the sacred desert plant: Sage is being poached in massive quantities.
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Data show businesses run by people of color often have a harder time getting loans. We’ll hear about a fund that aims to help BIPOC companies in Tucson. Plus, are urban heat islands turning heat into a disease that needs to be cured? That and more on The Show.

beverly mciver with one of her self-portraits
Artist Beverly McIver presents herself at various stages in clown makeup, feeling depressed and in an interracial relationship.
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The economic uncertainty of the past few years has impacted lots of areas of our community. The incoming head of St. Vincent de Paul on what that’s meant for her organization. Plus, our Made in Arizona series continues with a cooking lesson from a local YouTube star. That and more on The Show.

Victor Nevarez
Victor Nevarez spends a lot of time in his Scottsdale kitchen. You might know him better as “Internet Shaquille” — that’s his YouTube persona, and one he’s made a career out of.
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There have long been problems of equity in housing for people of color. A new program aims to increase diversity in the field of real estate development. Plus, why Walmart chose to expand its drone delivery service to Arizona. That and more on The Show.

Rio Verde Foothills residents
While Arizona is being asked to cut back when Colorado River restrictions go into effect next year, some residents of the state are in danger of being cut off completely from their water supplies. A small community north of Phoenix faces a crucial vote as soon as this week to determine its future source of water.
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A measure to force dark money groups into the light has passed state constitutional muster and will be on November’s ballot. Our Friday NewsCap panelists will talk about that and the week’s other top stories. Plus, the astronomer in residence at the Grand Canyon on using the park's light and dark in her poems. That and more on The Show.

Doug Cole of and Dawn Penich-Thacker
This week, a judge ruled that an initiative seeking greater transparency for political spending will be on the November ballot. And debate continues on whether some Republican nominees can successfully shift to the middle.