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Arizona voters picked their presidential nominees this week, even though there wasn’t much drama in the outcome. Our Friday NewsCap panelists analyze that and the rest of the week’s top stories. And, a classic novel takes a turn on a Valley stage. That and more on The Show.

Comet in a starry sky
Adam Block, a researcher at the University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory, recently was able to capture a once-in-a-lifetime image of the Pons-Brooks comet in Tucson. He told The Show that there may be an even more interesting comet coming in October.
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Democratic lawmakers in Arizona say contraception needs to be protected. How the Dobbs decision has reshaped even local politics around birth control. Plus, the Saguaro Land series wraps up with a look at Arizona’s other deserts. That and more on The Show.

Three men hold sign
Several prominent Arizona business leaders called on lawmakers and Gov. Katie Hobbs to kill a package of immigration bills they say will hurt the economy.
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Arizona state Rep. Alma Hernandez sponsored a trip to Israel for lawmakers earlier this month that faced criticism. Why her support for Israel remains staunch. Plus, how does the perception of self-driving cars affect the technology's future? That and more on The Show.

Side by side photos of Donald Trump and Joe Biden
President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump cruised to victory in Arizona’s Presidential Preference Election on Tuesday. With 80% of results in, Trump had secured 78% of the GOP vote, while Biden garnered over 89% of votes in the Democratic race.
Biden arrives in AZ to campaign, announce new semiconductor funding
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The atmospheric rivers that’ve pounded California have led to flooding and mudslides. All the rain has also apparently led to an increase in Valley fever cases. And, could Pluto be a planet again? The scientific debate continues. That and more on The Show.

Woman in beige blazer talks at podium
The Arizona Starter Homes Act reached Hobbs' desk after narrowly passing out of both chambers with a mix of Democratic and Republican support.
More Arizona politics news
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As Arizonans vote in the Presidential Preference Election this week, the age of the two presumptive major party nominees has been a topic of conversation. When do these discussions veer into ageism? Plus, how the Phoenix Police Department is working to combat a systemic officer shortage. That and more on The Show.

Man in shirt and tie speaks into microphone
Phoenix police Lt. Bryan Hanania spoke about all the changes the department implemented to make a dent in the ongoing officer shortage, including new ads and partnerships.