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On New Year’s Eve, The Show is looking back at some of our favorite stories from the past year. We’ll hear about efforts to keep young talent in Arizona, how scientists are trying to hack the planet to keep it habitable, and how a Valley grocer helped build a vibrant Western arts scene here. Those stories and more on The Show.

The median age in Arizona is about 38, according to census data, but that is likely to change. While fairly young compared to the rest of the country, Arizona’s population has also been aging faster than the rest of the country on average.
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The pandemic has dramatically affected how — and how many — people use public transit. We’ll learn why the Valley now is getting tens of millions to extend light rail. And, checking in with a rural school district as it prepares for the second semester. That and more on The Show.

Gov. Doug Ducey
The head of the state Department of Revenue was ousted Tuesday, the apparent victim of taking a legal position on a new tax contrary to that of Gov. Doug Ducey, his boss.
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Arizona continues to see high numbers in COVID-19 metrics, including the number of infections and hospital usage. We'll hear the state is, and where it may be after the new year. Plus, independent music venues might finally get some help with the signing of the latest COVID relief package. That and more on The Show.

Katie Campbell's Supreme Coop chickens
Having someone — or something — to care for can be therapeutic. Pet adoptions have soared during the pandemic. That’s good for the animals as well as their humans. And that’s true for more than your average cat or dog. KJZZ producer Katie Campbell shares her experience raising chickens in 2020.
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Arizona voters legalized recreational marijuana last month, but it won’t be coming to all communities in the state. We'll hear how cities and towns are looking to regulate marijuana. Plus, how the pandemic continues to affect Arizona.

Jenelle Bonifield
Because of how different this wine scene is compared to our neighbors in California, Oregon and Washington, photographer Jenelle Bonifield wanted to capture the “do it yourself,” hard-working attitude of Arizona winemakers.
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On this Christmas Day, we're bringing you some stories that brought smiles to our faces this year. From the hiccups that can happen when working from home with kids to a visual artist who makes sculptures for reflection, here's to good cheer.

kids with tablets
You probably remember the video that went viral in 2017 of Robert Kelly’s children interrupting an interview he was doing with the BBC. It was adorable and hilarious — and at the time, it felt like a funny fluke. But now that more are working from home due to the coronavirus, they might be experiencing their own unexpected moments of hilarity.