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Gov. Katie Hobbs has signed the repeal of Arizona’s 1864 abortion law, although it won’t take effect right away. Our Friday NewsCap panelists analyze that and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, what keeps a comedian’s fans loyal? (Hint: It might not be comedy.) That and more on The Show.

Man and woman talk into microphones
Doug Cole of HighGround and former state lawmaker Jen Longdon joined The Show to talk about Gov. Katie Hobbs signing the bill to repeal Arizona’s 1864 abortion law, a new border and immigration measure that could be sent to November’s ballot and more.
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Schools here and around the country are grappling with how to regulate smartphones as students face a mounting mental health crisis. Should schools ban them altogether? And, the University of Arizona's new athletic director on the challenges — and opportunities — she’s facing. That and more on The Show.

Protesters stand in front of the Arizona Capitol
The repeal bill goes soon to Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs, who has promised to sign it. But lawmakers lacked the votes to make the repeal effective immediately, meaning there could be uncertainty for months about whether it can still be enforced.
More Arizona abortion news
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A progressive group is trying to vote out two Arizona Supreme Court justices over their rulings on abortion. But Republicans at the state Capitol are trying to get rid of judicial retention elections. Plus, why the federal government is helping Arizona implement “vehicle to everything” technology. That and more on The Show.

Slug Bug at Trunk Space
On its 20th anniversary, the Trunk Space is saying goodbye to its home of the last eight years: Grace Lutheran Church in downtown Phoenix. Its leaders say it will move again and continue to adapt and grow.
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Arizona lawmakers legalized sports betting in 2021 — and we've seen a lot of billions of dollars spent on it since. Officials have also seen calls to the state's problem gambling hotline spike in that time. Plus, how Salt Lake City is reacting to the Arizona Coyotes moving there. That and more on The Show.

Man gambling on sports betting online at home on his cell phone
According to the Arizona Department of Gaming, gross event wagering receipts have totaled approximately $15.7 billion since sports betting was legalized. At the same time, the state has seen a big jump in the number of calls to its Problem Gambling Hotline — 1-800-NEXT-STEP.
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Republican lawmakers are weighing putting additional abortion measures on November's ballot for voters to decide. Are more options what voters want? Plus, the art of telling stories to children. That and more on The Show.

Hand signing petition to put abortion rights measure on the Arizona ballot
Arizona Republic columnist Abe Kwok recently wrote that giving voters more options on the ballot is the only way to ensure constituents are represented on the issue of abortion.