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Extremists stormed the nation's Capitol in Washington on Wednesday. We’ll hear how law enforcement should have responded, whether it amounts to treason and what happened here in Arizona. Plus, the head of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce on what he expects 2021 to look like. That and more on The Show.

As crowds of rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, hundreds of supporters of President Trump gathered at the Arizona state Capitol on Wednesday.
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Congress will meet to count each state's Electoral College votes and make the presidential outcome official. We'll hear what some of President Trump’s supporters in Arizona and other states are hoping to do in response. Plus, how finding letters from World War I inspired a writer to learn more about his family. That and more on The Show.

Pinal Vaccine Site
Pinal County entered Phase 1B last week of COVID-19 vaccinations, making it the first county, and until Tuesday, was the only county in the state to reach that phase. This means Pinal County educators are now eligible to sign up to get the vaccine, along with health-care workers and others in the Phase 1A category.
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Experts are expecting changes in immigration policy once the Biden administration takes office. We'll look at immigration's impact on politics and the economy. Plus, Arizona’s COVID-19 case numbers continue to climb. That and more on The Show.

david vose
Farmer David Vose said while they lost their out-of-state business abruptly, their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) enrollments tripled and their store business tripled, too. But even as they’ve seen the community rally around them during the pandemic, they are facing down another problem: keeping the land they farm on.
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This school year has been a difficult one, with the pandemic forcing lots of students online for at least part of the time. An advocate explains how to evaluate what students are learning and how to fill in the gaps. Plus, why Arizona's biggest county saw a slow start to its COVID-19 vaccine rollout. That and more on The Show.

drive through vaccination
This week, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey issued an executive order to accelerate COVID-19 vaccine distribution, saying any delays were unacceptable. Maricopa County officials attribute challenges it faced earlier in its vaccine rollout to the state's own vaccine management system.
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The Show looks back at some of the remarkable and fun stories from the last year.

A mural at Mercado de Guadalupe
You’ve probably heard of the town of Guadalupe: the tiny community wedged between Interstate 10 and the city of Tempe. And if you’ve never visited, you’ve most likely zoomed past it. KJZZ's Kathy Ritchie takes us to Guadalupe, where she met several community members. They talked to her about the pride they feel about their community, their culture and their hope for the future.
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