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Surveys have shown younger Americans say they’re not as religious as previous generations. We’ll hear why one expert thinks we may be asking the wrong questions. Plus, our series Staying Power continues with a fashion curator who put our city on the map. That and more on The Show.

Terry Shoemaker
Recent surveys have shown younger Americans say they’re less religiously affiliated than previous generations. Last year, the Public Religion Research Institute, or PRRI, found nearly 40% of Americans between the ages of 18-29 were religiously unaffiliated.
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As we face ongoing drought in the West and a drier future, one Hopi farmer is doing things differently. We'll hear how ancient practices can grow crops — without any irrigation. Plus, why New Mexico has become a haven for transgender "refugees." That and more on The Show.

Michael Kotutwa Johnson
In the West, ongoing drought and drier future are forcing us all to think about how we use water differently. One farmer up in northern Arizona is using ancient practices to grow food.
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Republican lawmakers want to resurrect Prop 123 to give teachers in Arizona a $4,000 raise. Will it be enough to keep teachers in the state? Plus, ASU athletic director Ray Anderson is stepping down after nearly a decade. That and more on The Show.

Warren Petersen at podium
Republicans at the Arizona Legislature announced a plan they say will give teachers a $4,000 pay raise.
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A new CDC report shows Arizona has some of the lowest rates of kids getting vaccinated in the country. Why one expert says it’s all about ease, and in Arizona lots of doctors make it harder. Plus, what one species can tell us about climate-related extinctions. That and more on The Show.

President Donald Trump at the White House
The Show spoke with the Arizona Republic columnist Phil Boas and editorial page editor Elvia Díaz about recent Republican presidential debates.
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Ohio voters have decided to protect abortion rights in the state constitution, and Arizonans may decide a similar issue next year. Our Friday NewsCap panelists analyze that and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, the world of unregulated online betting on everything from elections to wars. That and more on The Show.

I signed the petition for Arizona abortion access buttons
To break down the results from this week’s elections, an ethics complaint filed against a Democratic state lawmaker and more, The Show sat down with Doug Cole of HighGround and Democratic strategist Tony Cani.