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Federal agencies have issued their findings on foreign interference attempts during last November’s election. Secretary of State Katie Hobbs on what Arizona can do to limit the threats. Plus, Grammy awards aren’t just about performers. We’ll talk to the winner who wrote the best album notes. That and more on The Show.

People hold up a sign that reads Red for Ed
Arizona teachers and parents took to the streets on Wednesday in a socially distanced motor march around the Capitol to voice their concerns on efforts they say threaten education funding.
School Voucher Bill Passes House Ways And Means Committee
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The Maricopa County Attorney's Office has dropped controversial gang-related charges against a group of protestors but plans to file new charges against some of them. We'll hear from County Attorney Allister Adel. Plus, the debate over including long-term care facilities in a proposal to shield Arizona businesses from COVID-related lawsuits. That and more on The Show.

masked workers looking at camera
March 19 will mark one year since the pandemic forced The Breadfruit and Rum Bar in downtown Phoenix to close. At the same time, the Chicago Hamburger Company saw sales plummet 65%. Over the past year, KJZZ has been checking in with both restaurants and shares how the pandemic has changed the business owners professionally and personally.
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Many parts of Arizona have been feeling the effects of warmer summers for several years. We'll hear why lower income neighborhoods may be bearing more of the brunt of those rising temperatures. Plus, how the federal government was able to track down hundreds of Mexican artifacts that had been illegally acquired over many years. That and more on The Show.

Jackie Alpers shrimp Topopo salad
Jackie Alpers had begun work on her book "Taste of Tucson" prior to the pandemic, but its collection of recipes from some of southern Arizona’s favorite spots offers the chance to make the home kitchen a creative place.
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People have been seeking out parks and other outdoor spaces during the pandemic as a way to get out of the house. We'll hear how Arizona cities fare in terms of access to parks. Plus, an update on what to expect this week at the state Capitol. That and more on The Show.

Jessica Wapner Wall Disease
Walls have separated individual houses, communities and, of course, nations for centuries. In her book "Wall Disease," reporter Jessica Wapner writes about how walls affect us internally and externally.
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The Arizona Legislature has joined many other states in moving to make changes to who can vote and how. Hear Friday NewsCap panelists talk about that and the week’s other top stories. And how a former NBA player applied the lessons of basketball to his first novel. That and more on The Show.

Julie Erfle and Chuck Coughlin
KJZZ's Friday NewsCap revisits some of the biggest stories of the week. The Show discussed the week in news with Chuck Coughlin of HighGround and Julie Erfle of Erfle Uncuffed.