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State lawmakers and the Gov. Katie Hobbs have worked in a bipartisan manner to pass a budget and some other measures this year. One GOP lawmaker explains how his childhood escape from Communism drives his approach to governing. Plus, the story of two botanists who traveled down the Colorado River in the late 1930s taking cactus samples. That and more on The Show.

Larisa Grollemond
When you think of a wizard, you probably think of an old man in long robes, probably with a long white beard and maybe a pointy hat. According to Larisa Grollemond, while wizards aren't real, this image of what one looks like is rooted in history.
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There’s been a backlog in the country’s immigration court system for years, and some worry the end of Title 42 will make that worse. Hear an update about what's happening. Plus, how one journalist is trying to flip the script on obesity — and how to talk to your kids about it. That and more on The Show.

Colorado River winds through Horseshoe Bend
The Show spoke with Luke Runyon, who covers the Colorado River for KUNC in Colorado about what the future of the Colorado River means for all of us who live in these states.
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Kari Lake has another day in court, and Tempe voters reject a proposal for a new Coyotes arena. Our Friday NewsCap panelists analyze those and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, the Phoenix Mercury are set to tip off their new season — with Brittney Griner back on the court. That and more on The Show.

Brittney Griner
Brittney Griner's life and career path have taken a sharp turn over the past 18 months following a nearly 10-month detainment in Russia on drug-related charges that ended with a prisoner swap in December.
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The end of Title 42 means ports of entry will now be open to many asylum seekers from around the world. We visit the Phoenix Welcome Center, which helps new arrivals get on their feet. Plus, the ongoing debate onthe ethisc of liver transplants and alcoholism. That and more on The Show.

Beth Strano International Rescue Committee Welcome Center
Even before the end of Title 42, tens of thousands of migrants came right here to Phoenix — to a place called the Welcome Center. The Show took tour as uncertainty reigned about what would come next and who would be able to make it here going forward.
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We’re less than a year away from state primaries in the 2024 elections. A new report has recommendations on how to keep those elections secure — beginning with workers’ safety. Plus, one of the leaders of Tempe 1st on the successful campaign to stop a proposed arena for the Arizona Coyotes. That and more on The Show.

a sign pointing to tempe town lake
Tempe voters on Tuesday rejected a set of ballot measures that would have created a new venue for the Arizona Coyotes. City officials say the hockey arena and entertainment district will not move forward.