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After botching the initial election results in Pinal County, now officials want to try hand counting ballots. Will putting in another process prone to human error solve the problem? Plus, a former flight attendant and Valley native is out with her second aviation thriller. That and more on The Show.

2022 arizona midterm ballot
Human error caused election officials in Pinal County to initially fail to count hundreds of ballots in the 2022 midterm elections. Now county officials want to try hand counting ballots — another approach prone to human error.
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A food historian says we're on the cusp of a gelatin revival. Plus, the best places to hike when Phoenix gets too hot. That and more on a special Memorial Day edition of The Show.

The front page of the Arizona Republican on July 6, 1911
Despite all the attributes of being the country’s fifth largest metropolis, what Phoenix is really known for is the heat. The Show series Hot Town explores the Valley's hotness in all its forms. The Hot Town series starts with a look back at Phoenix's heat history.
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Jaime Molera (left) and Tom Ryan
Jaime Molera, former state schools superintendent now with the firm Molera Alvarez, and attorney Tom Ryan joined The Show to talk about what's next for Kari Lake's appeal after a defeat this week in court, a new entrant into a Democratic congressional primary and more.
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The Lower Colorado River Basin states have agreed to a plan to cut their water usage. We’ll hear how the deal might affect Phoenix and its residents. Plus, an author takes on the often-ignored nuance of the #MeToo movement. That and more on The Show.

24th Street Water Treatment Plant in Phoenix
For more on the historic deal between Arizona, Nevada and California, regarding the Colorado River, The Show spoke with Cynthia Campbell, Water Resources Management Advisor for the City of Phoenix.
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CMV is a virus that most of us have had by the time we’re adults, but you’ve likely never heard of it. We’ll meet one Valley mother who contracted it during pregnancy and hear how it changed the course of her life. Plus, a child with developmental disabilities gets a very special gift. That and more on The Show.

Kathleen and Gideon Muldoon in the studio with nurse Jen.
The Show spoke with anatomy professor and mother, Kathleen Muldoon, regarding the virus, cytomegalovirus, or CMV, and its effects on pregnancy and her son, Gideon.