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More and more Valley school districts are starting to bring students and teachers back into the classroom, at least part-time. We'll hear the debates over how and when those moves should be made. Plus, one Valley resident laments that COVID-19 has taken away her place to blow off steam. That and more on The Show.

Devoney Looser Making Jane Austen
Devoney Looser is an Austen scholar and author of "The Making of Jane Austen." She’s also a roller derby player who wrote recently about the difference derby made in her life and how much she has missed it during the pandemic.
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Early voting in Arizona starts in two weeks, and preparation is well underway. Maricopa County elections officials talk about the process and the challenges the pandemic is posing. And, why the Valley was chosen to honor submarine vets who died in the line of duty. That and more on The Show.

Jimmy Morales and Donald Trump
President Donald Trump and former Guatemalan president Jimmy Morales have a lot in common. Both had been TV stars in their home countries before entering politics, and both felt they were being targeted by anti-corruption pioneers — Robert Mueller for Trump and a dogged prosecutor named Iván Velásquez for Morales.
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Arizona has taken its spot as a battleground state in the presidential election, and Latino voters could prove pivotal here. We'll hear why some organizers don’t think either campaign is doing enough outreach to Latino voters. Plus, as Tempe starts its search for a new police chief, a look at the challenges of hiring in the current climate. That and more on The Show.

Erin Barra
ASU is launching a brand-new pop music program, which will be led by longtime musician Erin Barra. She’s coming to the Valley from the Berklee College of Music in Boston.
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Arizona’s unemployment rate saw a big drop in August. Are more Arizonans working, or are fewer looking for jobs? Plus, the state is a step closer to knowing who may be drawing the next set of political maps. That and more on The Show.

Unemployment benefits
A good portion of the drop in the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate from 10.7% in July has nothing to do with a bunch of Arizonans suddenly finding work. It's because some just gave up.