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Lawmakers are continuing to try to change how Arizona’s elections are carried out, but the House speaker is maneuvering to block some legislation. Our Friday NewsCap panelists weigh in on that and the state’s other top stories. Plus, how city planners across the country are trying to get ready for — and deal with — heat. That and more on The Show.

Rusty Bowers
This week saw House Speaker Rusty Bowers reject a bill that would allow lawmakers to reject election results. And early polling is out for Arizona's elections.
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Some schools have struggled to staff classrooms during the pandemic, leading to an increased need for subs. We’ll hear from a substitute teacher about what the last couple of years have been like. Plus, why lawmakers may not push for a repeal of the state’s English-only law this year, as they have in sessions past. That and more on The Show.

Tim Xayasomloth
The romance novel genre is starting to attract more male readers, with what's being dubbed 'bromance novels.'
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Different states have taken different approaches to immigration policy over the last decade or so. We’ll hear how the policies in Arizona and New Mexico have affected residents in those states. Plus, a look at the investigation into the fake Trump electors from the 2020 election. That and more on The Show.

COVID-19 vaccine at pharmacy
Some big news on the vaccine front: Babies as young as 6 months old could be able to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in a matter of weeks.
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Crimes against women in Mexico are on the rise. We’ll hear what the numbers say about the dangers women face there. Plus, why some advocates are worried about the impacts of social media on kids. That and more on The Show.

Sonora feminicida
Crimes against women increased significantly last year in neighboring Sonora, and across Mexico.
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The number of migrants who die crossing the U.S. Mexico border continues to rise. We’ll hear why climate change may make the desert an even more dangerous place for migrants to cross. Plus, we’ll meet Grand Canyon National Park’s new artist-in-residence. That and more on The Show.

Daniele Genadry
Daniele Genadry is a painter and visual artist, and often works with movement, light and distance. As part of the Grand Canyon Conservancy’s residency program, she’ll live and work at the park through the beginning of April.