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The Biden administration is updating its plan for generating solar energy on public lands. What that could mean for Arizona and people who already use those lands. Plus, the Staying Power series continues with a longtime journalist who’s had a front row seat to Arizona history. That and more on The Show.

Reporter Morgan Loew confronting then Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Morgan Loew has been a fixture on CBS5 and, now, 3TV news for decades — and he’s covered some of the biggest stories in our state’s recent history. Here's why he decided to stay in Arizona.
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There’s a long history of Arizona lawmakers attempting to pass bipartisan immigration reform — and failing. We’ll hear why attempts to solve this issue have eluded Congress for decades. Plus, we meet a TikToker who makes the recipes people have etched on their gravestones. That and more on The Show.

President Joe Biden
The Show spoke with Arizona House Speaker Ben Toma about why he and other legislative Republicans are suing over nearly 1 million acres around the Grand Canyon that President Joe Biden designated a national monument last year.
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The Arizona Diamondbacks had unexpected success last year but continue to have concerns about their stadium. Can the team leverage its World Series run for the fixes it says it needs? And, the cultural staying power of Galentine’s Day. That and more on The Show.

Two kids outdoors in silhouette
The Show spoke with January Contreras, head of the Children’s Action Alliance, about a major expansion of the Child Tax Credit and other priorities for the group this legislative session.
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Arizona lawmakers and the governor were able to find compromise on a plan to fix problems with the election calendar. How the new law’s provisions could impact this year’s elections. Plus, a look at which Super Bowl ads hit the mark and which fell flat. That and more on The Show.

Matt Damon DunKings Super Bowl commercial
The Show spoke with Tim Riester, founder and CEO of the firm Riester, about the best and less successful Super Bowl ads.
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Republicans in the U.S. Senate blocked a bipartisan bill that aimed to address the situation at the southern border. Our Friday NewsCap panelists analyze that and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, what’s behind the enduring interest in Frankenstein-esque stories? That and more on The Show.

Kyrsten Sinema border bill
Paul Bentz of HighGround and Mike Haener of Lumen Strategies joined The Show to talk about the failure of a border security bill to even make it to debate in the U.S. Senate, a compromise on election issues in the state Legislature and more.