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Arizona will not be adding a new Congressional district, despite the many forecasts predicting it would. Our Friday NewsCap panel analyzes the week's top stories. Plus, how the pandemic has changed sports over the past year. That and more on The Show.

Chad Campbell and Lorna Romero
KJZZ's Friday NewsCap revisits some of the biggest stories of the week. The Show discussed the week in news with Lorna Romero of Elevate Strategies and Chad Campbell of Strategies 360.
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Arizona students and their families got a crash course in online learning during the pandemic. We'll hear what these programs might look like going forward. Plus, a heavy-hitter in the Arizona music scene releases her first solo project. That and more on The Show.

Camille Sledge Streetlights & Lullabies
Not only is Camille Sledge the daughter of one of the R&B legends Sister Sledge, she’s the lead singer of Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, which has become the hottest ticket in the city, making audiences dance for years now with their infectious rhythms. Now she’s coming out a series of solo EPs.
More Arts + Entertainment
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During the course of the pandemic, supermarkets have remained open so we can keep our shelves and refrigerators stocked. We'll hear how one grocery worker has dealt with stressed and sometimes angry customers. Plus, how dry conditions and climate change could send the Southwest U.S. into a fire age. That and more on The Show.

Migrants wait outside KBI
Many people were hopeful that President Biden would quickly undo Trump-era policies that cut off access to asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border. But nearly 100 days into his presidency, that protection remains elusive for most.
Biden's 100-Day Plan: The Impact On Arizona
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Gov. Doug Ducey will act this week on a controversial abortion bill approved by the legislature. But Arizona isn’t the only state considering new restrictions on abortion. Plus, how changes on Tempe’s Mill Avenue are continuing the area's move away from a haven for independent stores and music. That and more on The Show.

Elvis del Monte and Kristie Guess Long Wongs
Mill Avenue is in the heart of downtown Tempe and still attracts people of all ages and interests. But it’s changed dramatically from a couple of decades ago. The most recent change announced for Mill is the closing of the Irish pub Rula Bula.
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More and more Arizonans are getting vaccinated against COVID-19, and the state has been relaxing restrictions. We'll hear how soon one expert thinks we may be on the other side of the pandemic. Plus, after an eventful week last week, what to expect in the coming days at the state Capitol. That and more on The Show.

Doug Ducey
The fate of a bill that would remove some Arizona voters from the Permanent Early Voting List could rest with something happening about two miles away from the state Capitol. And Gov. Doug Ducey is set to act on a bill concerning abortion this week.