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Phoenix is a desert city and takes pride in its ability to deal with environmental and climate challenges. We're looking back at the book that a decade ago called Phoenix the “least sustainable city.” Plus, could a California city provide a road map for compromise in the often contentious short-term rental market? That and more on The Show.

Little girl at school wearing mask and backpack
The attorney for a coalition of educators, school board members, child welfare advocates and others warned a judge Monday that children could die if she does not void a legislative ban on schools requiring students to be masked.
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Water is becoming increasingly scarce in the west, and lots of people are looking for creative ways to save and conserve it. We'll hear about one idea that scientists say would also help generate clean energy. Plus, a new novel for young adults tells the story of the beauty — and potential danger — of being in nature. That and more on The Show.

paradise on fire by jewell parker rhodes
The past few years have seen some of the biggest wildfires in Arizona history, and other states across the West have also been dealing with increasing wildfire activity. It is in that context that author Jewell Parker Rhodes sets her newest young adult novel, "Paradise on Fire."
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Tucson has paused its vaccine requirement for city workers, after Arizona's attorney general said it was illegal. Our Friday NewsCap panelists analyze that and the rest of the week's top Plus, our monsoon series continues with a look at how the rains can be a double-edged sword for farmers. That and more on The Show.

Amber Share Subpar Parks
More than 235 million people visited America’s national parks in 2020, despite temporary closures due to the pandemic. But not all of those visitors were impressed by what they saw at those parks. And some of them were not shy about saying so, especially online. That’s where Amber Share comes in.
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June 2021 was the hottest June on record in Phoenix, but extreme heat is not unique to Arizona. We'll hear why one researcher says no place on the planet is safe from heat. Plus, with the current polarization in the country, do we need a new definition of patriotism? That and more on The Show.

seeking wiley wallace
Wiley Wallace paints worlds that are part reality — and part radioactive myth. The Phoenix artist's dualistic works often include his own children surrounded by supernatural figures, symbols and light. The effect is oftentimes eerie, sometimes amusing and always interesting.
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The U.S. pulled out of Afghanistan only weeks before the 20tth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. We'll hear from Osama Bin Laden's biographer on what the terrorist leader would think of current events Plus, how our damp monsoon season has helped provide water for Arizona wildlife. That and more on The Show.

Former state Rep. Anthony Kern
Last week, lawyers representing state Senate Republicans released a cache of records from the so-called audit of the 2020 Maricopa County election results. Nearly 22,000 documents were released and within those, about 3,000 of those are emails between Republican senators and the contractors being paid to carry out this process.
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