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State budget talks are already moving slowly, and a multibillion-dollar surplus will undoubtedly be another obstacle. Our Friday NewsCap panelists weigh in on that and the state’s other top stories. And the harrowing story of one American's escape from Ukraine, and why he decided to return. That and more on The Show.

norma baker-flying horse
Phoenix Fashion Week is hitting the runway April 15-16. The event attracts models, designers and fashionistas from across the U.S., including North Dakota, where Indigenous designer Norma Baker-Flying Horse is from.
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A former head coach of the Arizona Cardinals has joined a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination in the hiring practices of some NFL teams. We’ll take a closer look at Steve Wilks’ claims. Plus, the return of our Tiny Desert Concerts. That and more on The Show.

Danielle Durack Tiny Desert Concert Tovrea Castle
Danielle Durack says writing songs allows her to get rid of the mental clatter in her head. No matter the motivation, we’re lucky to hear the sweet, dreamy results. The Show met up with her on a breezy day at Tovrea Castle — part of the return of Tiny Desert Concerts.
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The number of COVID-19 infections has started to tick up in some parts of the country. A public health doctor tells us where the pandemic stands in Arizona right now. Plus, how one Arizona political insider has used his influence to affect criminal justice reform proposals. That and more on The Show. 

Arizona Corporation Commission building
Conservationists and residents of the community of Randolph gathered outside the Arizona Corporation Commission building Tuesday to protest Salt River Project’s expansion of a gas-fired generating station. The commission voted 4-1 to deny the project.
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Higher gas prices have lots of drivers thinking about turning to electric vehicles. Is that interest in EVs turning into sales? Plus, an evolutionary biologist on whether cloning extinct animals is possible. That and more on The Show.

Ford Mustang Mach-E4X electric SUV
Gas prices in Arizona are nearly 50 cents higher than the national average, according to AAA. That, along with an increase in marketing has led to more consumer demand for electric vehicles.
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Federal money for free COVID testing has run out, and some uninsured Arizonans now have to pay for them. What that means for residents — and the pandemic. And do Valley sports fans have an inferiority complex? That and more on The Show.

Phoenix Suns fans at Road Game Rally
End-of-the-road losses are nothing new for Arizona sports. It seems just when we almost make it to the top of the mountain, we’re kicked back down to the bottom. That’s just one of the reasons sportscaster Tim Ring says Arizona sports fans have something of an inferiority complex — and a burning desire to take it all the way.