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The Arizona Senate experienced quite a bit of drama this week, to the point where one senator compared it to high school. Our Friday NewsCap analyzes the week’s top stories. Plus, why Arizona has been welcoming more snowbirds — of the winged variety. That and more on The Show

Eared quetzal
Birds that used to stop in Arizona on their way south for the winter are now staying here, and new birds are also finding their way to the state. It's a boon for birders but could cause problems for neighborhoods and ecosystems around the state.
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Grocery workers have been on the front lines helping people throughout the pandemic. Research shows many of those workers are struggling with their mental health. Plus, a new investigation raises worries that the Arizona Coyotes could once again be dealing with management and financial problems. That and more on The Show.

Sandy Mazzio
Dying in an age of COVID-19 has changed. Before, family and friends could gather around their loved one as they said their goodbyes. Now, it might be a stranger who sits at the bedside. Here's what it's like to hold the hand of someone in their final moments — and what we can hopefully learn.
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The ballot battle between GOP members of the State Senate and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors continues. We'll hear how the new county recorder is wading through the controversy. Plus, a novel about the Cactus League gets us ready as pitchers and catchers report for spring training. That and more on The Show.

Sen. Paul Boyer
One day after all Republicans in the Arizona Senate voted to pass a controversial school voucher bill, a handful of those same Republicans voted to halt the bill in its tracks, a move on senator criticized as an exercise in political payback.
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COVID-19 vaccine data show disparities in race and income in terms of who's getting the shot and who's not. We'll hear why that is and how to address it. Plus, with the pandemic keeping people from hearing live music, a Tempe resident brought mini-concerts to neighborhoods. That and more on The Show. 

AJ Odneal Ditch Music
When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down most live music, Tempe's Paul Kent introduced Ditch Music — rolling concerts that rode through neighborhoods featuring some of the Phoenix area's favorite musicians.
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American politics is polarized right now, and people don’t always want to listen to different viewpoints. We'll hear how to try to bridge that divide and get people talking to each other again. And a check of what to expect this week at the Arizona Capitol. That and more on The Show.

Kyrsten Sinema
The 2018 campaign that Kyrsten Sinema ran to become Arizona’s first Democratic U.S. Senator in more than 20 years emphasized the word “independent.” And since Sinema’s election, she has followed through on that approach. But that has caused her problems with both Democrats and Republicans.