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The fights over vaccine requirements in the workplace are starting, as the feds issue their rules on the subject. We'll hear what new data say about the number of employers who are requiring vaccination. Plus, how the pandemic has affected Arizona’s already fragile child care system. That and more on The Show.

COVID-19 vaccine at pharmacy
A federal appeals court panel has temporarily blocked the Biden administration’s rule requiring employers with more than 100 employees to generally require workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19.
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An Arizona Supreme Court ruling this week puts the Legislature’s budget reconciliation process in doubt — leaving a number of laws in flux. Our Friday NewsCap panelists weigh in on that and the state’s other top stories. And using virtual reality to help some students still have access to the arts. That and more on The Show.

Chad Campbell and Kirk Adams
Former legislative leader Chad Campbell of Strategies 360 and and former state House Speaker Kirk Adams of Consilium Consulting joined The Show to talk about the Arizona Supreme Court’s ruling on the budget reconciliation process, state Senate President Karen Fann and more.
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The impact of climate change is being felt here in the desert Southwest and around the world. We'll hear how this week’s U.N. Climate Change Conference in Scotland could help find solutions. Plus, a Valley writer’s debut novel explores the relationship between humans and androids. That and more on The Show.

The Public Insult Playbook by Ruth Colker
In the new book, "The Public Insult Playbook: How Abusers in Power Undermine Civil Rights Reform," Ruth Colker explores the ways in which people in power on the right have kept certain groups — including people of color and those with disabilities — from truly being treated equally.
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Many parents are anxiously awaiting being able to vaccinate their kids against COVID-19. We’ll hear from a parent who tried to enroll her child in a vaccine trial. Plus, learning about the secret lives of whales from an undersea photographer. That and more on The Show. 

Just Democracy Kyrsten Sinema The Betrayal
Activists have taken to new approaches to get through to Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who has become one of the most polarizing figures in the country this year. The newest tactic: a horror movie trailer.
More Arizona politics news
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The need for mental health care has been getting more attention, especially during the pandemic. A new investigation finds mental health care in Arizona is not living up to expectations. Plus, ASU’s role in what’s being described as a mixed-use business park in space. That and more on The Show.

Arizona State University has a key role in a new project named Orbital Reef. It’s a new space station that’ll be in low-Earth orbit, and it’s being described as a place where people can rent space to do experiments, operate a business, run a tourism operation or any number of other uses.