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Feminism is a movement that is in the midst of change in a post-Roe and gender-fluid world. What does it mean to be a feminist today? Plus, a longtime editor leaves his post at the Nogales International as local journalism changes. That and more on The Show. 

Supreme Court abortion rights protest
The Show sat down with two experts on the topic of feminism and what it looks like today in a post-Roe, post-#MeToo and gender-fluid world.
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New research finds racial disparities in how we treat people with suicidal ideations. And a look inside the effort to get rid of Native American mascots in high schools. That and more on The Show.

hot Thermometer
The Show spoke with Hank Stephenson, co-founder of the Arizona Agenda, about the heat that comes with an Arizona summer.
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On Friday’s edition of The Show, we’ll listen back to some of our more interesting conversations. From Arizona being ground zero for so-called ‘constitutional sheriffs’ movement to how the plus-sized movement has gained traction in the fashion industry to some all-time favorite cover songs. That and more on The Show.

Mark Lamb
Experts are concerned about so-called constitutional sheriffs who they say are part of an extremist, anti-government movement that could threaten election security.
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Arizona and the other Colorado River Basin states are trying to figure out how to use less of the river’s water. We kick off a series of stories about the people who will be affected by those coming decisions. Plus, the Arizona Lottery’s new games are meant to be played on your phone. That and more on The Show.

"Butterfloose" tattoo done by Apryl Triana.
From bottles to bola ties, we’ve heard about some interesting collections on The Show, but Dan Wilson’s collection is a little different. Instead of physical items, he’s got a pretty unique collection of tattoos.
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The fentanyl epidemic continues to be a major problem, both here in Arizona and elsewhere. We’ll hear why the drug is so dangerous, and what can be done to help those suffering from addiction to it. Plus, the complicated relationship between chefs and their gas stoves. That and more on The Show.

Birds of a Feather art installation at the Tempe Public Library.
The Show spoke with Sarah Hurwitz, Arizona artist and illustrator, about the new theme for the Tempe Public Library's annual art installation.