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We just saw some of the busiest shopping days of the year, from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. How much did Arizona shoppers spend as the economy continues its recovery? Plus, what’s been behind the Suns’ 16-game win streak as they get ready to host the only team ahead of them in the standings. That and more on The Show.

Covid vaccine
Tucson is no longer in danger of being financially penalized for its vaccine mandate policy. Republican state Sen. Vince Leach from Tucson has withdrawn his request for Attorney General Mark Brnovich to investigate if the city’s mandates go against state law.
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Arizona's number of licensed foster homes has fallen by more than a third since 2017. We'll hear what's behind the drop and what the Department of Child Safety is doing about it. Plus, a new biography explains how the origins of rock gods Led Zeppelin aren’t as organic as you’d think. That and more on The Show.

Little Free Library
Little Free Library this month launched a new initiative in Phoenix to get more diverse books into more neighborhoods. The Read in Color initiative aims to get 2,000 books promoting inclusion, equity and understanding into the little libraries, including 10 new ones that’ll be put up in Valley neighborhoods.
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On a special edition of The Show, we’ll feature conversations on what has driven the “great resignation” in the American job market, how to deal with aging of medical professionals and the impact of conspiracy theories on politics. Those stories and more on The Show.

Marisa Mayes and Brigid Trainor
It’s being called the "Great Resignation." Millions of people are quitting their jobs amid the pandemic — and especially as life begins to return to some form of normal in the United States. So, what’s driving them — some of them — at least? To find out, The Show spoke with Brigid Trainor and Marisa Jo Mayes.
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On a special edition of The Show, we’re marking Thanksgiving with some of our favorite conversations —including what it means to really be alive, how Jane Austen would have written about the pandemic and how adding a Southwestern twist could spice up your holiday meals. Those stories and more on The Show.

inside an airplane
For many people, the holiday season typically means hopping on a too-expensive flight home or picking up loved ones at the airport. This year continues to be anything but typical, though, and that’s not likely to change before the Thanksgiving stuffing starts flying off the shelves.
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Light rail is officially extending in the Phoenix area, as federal officials have decided to fully fund a $158 million grant. Valley Metro CEO Scott Smith discusses the future of public transit. Plus, the Phoenix Symphony’s Music Director on pushing through the pandemic and welcoming audiences back. That and more on The Show.

security at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
This year, Nov. 24 marks the busiest air travel day in the U.S. — the day before Thanksgiving. But the airlines themselves — including Southwest and American — experienced recent struggles and delays, reportedly related to reduced staffing.
Phoenix Sky Harbor seeing more leisure, younger travelers