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State lawmakers sent a pair of housing bills to the governor, but a high-profile border security proposal remains stalled. Our Friday NewsCap panelists analyze those and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, meet the composer behind a mashup of Mahler, Tupac and Biggie. That and more on The Show.

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To talk about a border security ballot measure stalling — for now — in the Legislature, another ballot measure on elections moving forward and more, The Show sat down with Lorna Romero Ferguson with Elevate Strategies and former state lawmaker Aaron Lieberman.
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The Valley has already hit triple digits this year, and officials are gearing up to try to help people stay safe this summer. We explore the role of nonprofits in that effort. And, the controversy surrounding a proposed wind energy transmission line. That and more on The Show.

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It might still officially be spring, but it’s certainly starting to feel like summer here in the Valley. Jessica Berg is the chief program officer at St. Vincent de Paul. The Show spoke with her more about her organization’s role in preventing heat deaths — and how much harder it’s gotten.
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One Republican state senator is standing in the way of his caucus’ plan to put a strict border bill on the November ballot. We’ll break down his concerns and where we go from here. Plus, how one Valley school has successfully kept smartphones out of the classroom. That and more on The Show.

Woman and two men stand together
The state Senate intends to pass a border security measure next week, but that will require all the chamber’s Republican votes, and one GOP Senator says he wants changes before he can get on board.
Hobbs says Republican border bill will 'bust' state budget
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New research shows 21% of U.S. Latinos are now Protestant, and a majority of that number also qualify as Christian nationalists. We’ll hear how this religious shift could impact the 2024 election. Plus, could turning unused commercial buildings into homes help the state’s housing shortage? That and more on The Show.

Donald Trump
While the Biden camp is building a robust ground campaign in swing states like Arizona, some Republican officials in our state and others are concerned that the Trump campaign is not.
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The federal government has invested more than $1 billion in funding for early childhood programs in our state in recent years. That funding is set to expire in a few months. Plus, the inspiration behind an album of tuba music. That and more on The Show.

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Republicans in the state Legislature say a strict immigration enforcement measure is necessary because of what they say has been the federal government’s failure to secure the border. But Elvia Díaz says it will result in racial profiling.