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Arizona schools will be going back to in-person classes in a little more than a week, thanks to Governor Ducey’s executive order. Our Friday NewsCap analyzes the week’s top stories. And, Mesa Mayor John Giles on lobbying for aid to states and cities in the next round of federal COVID relief. That and more on The Show.

Kris Mayes and Paul Bentz
KJZZ's Friday NewsCap revisits some of the biggest stories of the week. The Show discussed the week in news with former Corporation Commission Chair Kris Mayes and Paul Bentz of HighGround.
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Fights over education funding and teacher pay have been going on for years in Arizona. We'll hear what new data show about how much money is going to schools. Plus, how California's Citizens Redistricting Commission is dealing with census challenges. That and more on The Show.

San Carlos Apache Oak Flat mine protest
The Biden administration this week put a pause on a land transfer that would have allowed an international mining company to build a massive copper mine near Superior.
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The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday on a pair of Arizona election laws. We'll recap what the attorneys and justices had to say. Plus, Tucson has become one of the first cities in the country to ban discrimination based on someone's natural hair. That and more on The Show.

There are many steps a bill at the Arizona Legislature must take to become a law. And for two weeks in February, two pit stops in the legislative process were conducted behind closed doors. No access was offered, to the media or the general public. Senate leadership blamed COVID-19, but also, the reporters who cover the Capitol.
More Arizona Politics News
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Testing and contact tracing continue to be important in the fight against COVID-19. We'll hear why epidemiologists aren't just relying on vaccines. Plus, marking the 40th anniversary of a band that helped put the Valley’s punk scene on the map. That and more on The Show.

terrance brown and elijah alvarez
The pandemic has disrupted education in a lot of ways over the past year or so. And that disruption has been felt everywhere in Arizona, from school administrators to teachers to parents to students. The Show spoke with two Valley high school students, a senior and a freshman, about what their experiences have been like.
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The Arizona Senate will be able to do its own audit of November’s election, after a judge’s ruling. We'll hear what that audit might look like. Plus, Valley Metro CEO Scott Smith on the State of Transit in the Phoenix area. That and more on The Show.

The Leon Polk Smith Exhibition
The Heard Museum is considered one of the premier places in the country to see exhibits related to Native American and Indigenous art and artists. Its current exhibition — a Heard original — focuses on Leon Polk Smith, a modernist who began his work in Oklahoma and was inspired and influenced by the culture he saw around him.