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lucid air
Lucid Motors held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday for the expansion of its Casa Grande manufacturing plant. The expansion allows Lucid to begin production of its new SUV. The news comes amid federal accusations of anti-union practices within the company.
Jan. 24, 2024
Hand holding sports tickets
A bipartisan group of Arizona lawmakers wants to crack down on the bots and secondhand ticket resellers they blame for driving up concert ticket prices.
Jan. 24, 2024
Person waves flag
Workers at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport walked out on strike Tuesday. This is the third walkout since workers voted to authorize a strike in September, seeking better wages and working conditions.
Jan. 23, 2024
VNSA Used Book Sale
Book lovers are preparing for the 67th annual VNSA Used Book Sale in Phoenix.
Jan. 23, 2024
wheelchair user
Scottsdale has its eyes on a growing travel market: people with disabilities.
Jan. 23, 2024
Woman standing behind barrel table in brewery
Experts say that for thousands of years, women were at the forefront of producing the world’s beer. In history’s eyes, brewing is only recently male-dominated. Now, an Arizona-based nonprofit has one goal: to help women reclaim their place.
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Jan. 23, 2024
no camping
Republican lawmakers want to give Arizonans the chance to recoup some of their property tax payments if cities refuse to enforce laws related to homelessness and panhandling.
Jan. 22, 2024
Maliah Winey
The Show spoke with Gilbert 8th grader Maliah Winey, the Girl Scout's top cookie seller in Arizona in 2023 with 7,877 boxes sold. She's been in the program since kindergarten, and shared more about her milestone.
Jan. 22, 2024
Arizona Capitol
Arizona lawmakers are back at the Capitol Monday, and they’ll be debating a host of issues — including how to label lab-created meat, how to make up for electric vehicle drivers not paying gasoline taxes and how to stop bots from buying up concert tickets.
Jan. 22, 2024
Prices for different types of gas at a station
Gas prices are continuing to fall in Arizona, with the state average currently at $3.09. That’s a 38-cent drop from Dec. 1, according to AAA Arizona.
Jan. 18, 2024
Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs at a press conference
With the 2024 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Final Four just under three months away, Arizonans are getting their first peek into the festivities that will be available during the four-day event.
Jan. 18, 2024
The U.S. Census Bureau has released new data on the pandemic’s impact on recreation and social activities.
Jan. 18, 2024
FanDeul Sportsbook at Footprint Center in Phoenix
State gaming officials say they’ll soon open a Feb. 16-March 4 window for additional tribes, pro sports teams and event venues to apply for a license to take bets on sporting events. Four of Arizona’s 20 sportsbook licenses are currently not in use.
Jan. 18, 2024
Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport
Two improvement projects are wrapping up at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway airport, including a brand new terminal and a convenient enclosed walkway.
Jan. 18, 2024
The city of Sedona has been battling over housing costs, how to manage a population of workers who can no longer afford to live there, and now the fate of its tourism industry.
Jan. 18, 2024
Burly's Flags and Off-Road Products Quartzsite
The Show spoke with Leslie Hahner, a professor at Baylor University, where she studies the rhetoric of symbols and symbolism, about the role flags play in terms of people identifying who they are and what they stand for.
Jan. 17, 2024
Chevy Bolt at an Electrify America charging station
Mesa will be installing electric car chargers in eight new locations across the city. The U.S. Department of Transportation awarded Mesa more than $11 million for car charging stations.
Jan. 16, 2024
Welcome to Mesa Arizona sign
After two years, Mesa has ended its utility program linked to the American Rescue Plan Act.
Jan. 16, 2024
The staff at Skoden Coffee & Tea stand behind the counter at their new location in Phoenix.
One Diné entrepreneur’s budding urban business, once based in the capital of the Navajo Nation, has since moved to the Valley last month. Now, they’re nestled inside the Uptown Phoenix furniture and design store, For the People, located off North Central Avenue.
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Jan. 14, 2024
shipping containers
Nearly four years after the global supply chain was delinked due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the logistics industry is showing stability.
Jan. 14, 2024


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