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Phoenix will soon begin accepting applications for its “Artists to Work” program. A committee will review applications and recommend artists to receive grants.
Jul. 28, 2023
people shopping for backpacks
A new survey reveals how inflation and higher prices are impacting back to school spending. More than half of parents will increase their budget, while 70% will look for deals.
Jul. 28, 2023
Window to the ice rink from Ice House Tavern
The Show's producers have taken trips to various cold places around Arizona where you can escape the heat. This time we look at a bar with one of the coolest views in town.
Jul. 28, 2023
June was the hottest month on record in the U.S. since at least 1850. It was also a record month for ransomware attacks. The rise in activity runs counter to the usual summertime lull that occurs as hackers take vacations.
Jul. 27, 2023
“The Bear,” “Futurama” and “The Witcher”
Even though many schools already started, it still feels like summer in Arizona. And that means there’s still time to catch up on all that TV you planned to watch while the temperatures were in the triple digits.
Jul. 27, 2023
Mark Armitage working on an ice sculpture.
The Show continues to look at cold places around Arizona to escape the heat and this time ventured to the studio of a Phoenix ice sculptor. He combines his love of art with sub-zero temps.
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Jul. 27, 2023
A fridge filled with food and drinks.
Many Arizonans put a second fridge in their garage for convenient storage, but given recent heat waves, could this be damaging the appliance? Our Q&AZ reporting project found the answer.
Jul. 26, 2023
Flowers in cooler/display floor.
We're all exhausted from the heat, so The Show continues exploring cold places with a visit to the fridge at Arizona Flower Market in Phoenix.
Jul. 26, 2023
Pills in prescription medication bottle
Four major drug companies are suing to block the federal government from negotiating the price of 10 drugs as part of the Inflation Reduction Act.
Jul. 25, 2023
A plastic bag full of school supplies.
As the back-to-school rush starts, organizations around the metro Phoenix area and state are holding events to provide free school supplies.
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Jul. 25, 2023
ALCOR cryogenics
The Show kicks off a mini-series visiting cold places around Arizona with Alcor Life Extension Foundation, a Scottsdale nonprofit that does work in cryopreservation.
Jul. 25, 2023
Help wanted sign
The Show spoke with Howard Fischer of Capitol Media Services about why now is a good time for Arizonans to switch jobs.
Jul. 24, 2023
The Barbie Game box.
The Show spoke with Robin Gerber, an author who has written multiple books on Barbie and the toy’s creator. Gerber looked back at 60 years of Barbie history and how her story relates to the Barbie many know and love today.
Jul. 21, 2023
airplane tail
The Show spoke with the Cranky Flier about a new travel hack that may not be a good idea.
Jul. 21, 2023
Dental tools on a tray
The Surprise City Council has set aside $135,000 to fund two scholarships for growing industries.
Jul. 19, 2023
masks on hooks
A popular burger chain will prohibit employees in Arizona and four other states from wearing masks unless they have a doctor’s note.
Jul. 19, 2023
movie slate
The Show spoke with Kevin Sandler, an associate professor at ASU, about how this summer's blockbuster movies might affect the movie theater comeback Hollywood is hoping for.
Jul. 19, 2023
a person pumping gas
Last week, the average price for a gallon of regular gas across the state dropped two cents, but an uptick is likely as crude oil prices increase.
Jul. 15, 2023
Our extreme heat is generating extreme business for Phoenix are auto repair shops. For 50 years, Dave Martin’s shop has been servicing cars and trucks. “The last couple weeks have been brutal,” he said.
Jul. 14, 2023
man using a calculator
Applications are open for the Mesa Business Builder Small Business Assistance Program, which provides education, training and one-on-one consulting at no cost.
Jul. 14, 2023


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