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Crescent Ballroom takeout sanitized pens
More grants are available for micro and small businesses after the Phoenix City Council allocated $8 million in federal funds from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.
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Nov. 30, 2021
Arizona Lottery logo
The Arizona Lottery set a sales record in its fiscal year that ended June 30. Consumers bought $1.4 billion worth of tickets. That’s 30% more than the year before.
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Nov. 30, 2021
Holiday shopping boxes and bags
Often, people use Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday to get their holiday shopping done in one fell swoop. But shopping habits have changed over the years due to online shopping and now the pandemic, the latter whose impact on the economy could also be affected.
Nov. 30, 2021
books shelves
Local First Arizona is hopeful that this year's Small Business Saturday will be even better than last year, thought perhaps not yet back to what it is was in 2018 and 2019.
Nov. 26, 2021
Scottsdale Fashion Square
The holiday season is here and shoppers are out spending. But a new poll found that in this holiday season, Arizonans are predicted to spend less than the average American planned to spend last year.
Nov. 26, 2021
Gas station pump
A gallon of gas in Arizona on average costs $3.75. That is almost 40 cents higher per gallon than the national average. But a week after President Biden released supplies from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, crude oil prices have dropped this week.
Nov. 26, 2021
silver trailer parked inside with door open
A 15-acre site in Chandler that once featured a Sam’s Club warehouse is now home to a popular brand in the recreational vehicle industry.
Nov. 24, 2021
The National Endowment for Financial Education commissioned the Harris Poll to survey adults who currently or in the past have combined finances in a relationship.
Nov. 24, 2021
A turkey dinner
With Thanksgiving a week away, many are expecting prices to be up for the holiday shopping. But those prices might not be as high as you expect. Supply chain struggles continue to lead to prices jumping in grocery stores.
Nov. 18, 2021
Scottsdale Fashion Square
Retail sales are expected to be 8.4% higher this holiday season, according to research from real estate services firm CBRE.
Nov. 11, 2021
Sky Harbor
The hotel industry is planning for a better holiday season compared to last year, but most people still plan to stay home. Nearly 30% of Americans are likely to travel for Thanksgiving and 33% for Christmas, according to a survey.
Nov. 9, 2021
farm land
New development is coming to an area of southwest Phoenix once known for its farms and abundant open space.
Nov. 3, 2021
Despite the pandemic pummeling the hotel industry, Phoenix is reporting record sales tax collections.
Oct. 27, 2021
A vacant storefront in a complex near 27th Avenue and Bell Road
Phoenix is exploring new ways to fill vacant storefronts or find different uses for them. On Tuesday, the city's planning director told the city council that vacant or ignored properties can create negative images for the city and impact residents.

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Oct. 26, 2021
Shipping containers Port of Long Beach California
Supply chain issues continue across Arizona as the pandemic lingers on. And like with COVID-19, supply chain experts are finding ways to work with the disruptions rather than waiting it out. But COVID-19 has made a deep and lasting dent in the chain that links the system together.
Oct. 19, 2021
Evan Kory Nogales
For now nearly 19 months, the restrictions have meant Arizona border businesses have lost the Sonoran shoppers they depend, and many Sonorans have been cut off from friends and family.
Oct. 13, 2021
Supply chain shortages are affecting the production of everything from cars to phones to food. But there’s another supply chain that’s holding back goods as well.
Oct. 12, 2021
face mask with a raised fist and words Black Lives Matter
The National Labor Relations Board has sided with coffee shop employees at Sky Harbor Airport in a dispute over masks.
Oct. 12, 2021
child waiting for door to open
More people plan to celebrate Halloween compared to last year and they’re expected to spend more. On average, consumers plan to spend $102.74 on costumes, candy, cards and decorations.
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Oct. 12, 2021
Holiday shopping boxes and bags
The coronavirus pandemic has slowed the flow of goods and services as workers have reduced hours, changed or left jobs and products have been slow to market. That makes for a rough holiday season ahead, potentially, according to Arizona Retailer Association Executive Director Michelle Ahlmer.
Oct. 5, 2021


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