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dillard's sign on building
Plans for the former Metrocenter Mall in Phoenix have grown since KJZZ first reported the deal last December. Here's the latest vision for the landmark property off Interstate 17 between Dunlap and Peoria avenues.
Phoenix parking deal with Metrocenter developer could cost $68M
Apr. 26, 2022
Chase Field
A recent study finds the Arizona Diamondbacks are the most affordable experience in Major League Baseball. The average cost of a game ticket, parking, two beers and a hotdog costs just over $46.
Apr. 23, 2022
The National Retail Federation forecasts sales will grow between 6% and 8% this year to $4.86 trillion in 2022. Consumer demand, supply chain disruptions, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine are some of the biggest factors driving up prices.
Apr. 19, 2022
Five $20 dollar bills on table
Consumers in Maricopa and Pinal counties are paying an average of 10.9% more than a year ago, according to the Consumer Price Index.
Apr. 12, 2022
Gas was nearly $5 a gallon
High gas prices are contributing to an uptick of complaints by consumers about whether pumps are accurately calculating the cost per gallon.
Apr. 10, 2022
Man leaning over shirt
It’s estimated baby boomers own about half of Arizona’s privately held companies with at least five employees. It’s one reason work is underway to ensure companies stay locally owned for the next generation.
More Arizona business news
Apr. 8, 2022
Proponents of the bill argue guns are similar to other health and safety products that are exempt from local taxes, but opponents say there are many other instances, like feminine hygiene products, where that doesn't apply.
Mar. 30, 2022
Gas was nearly $5 a gallon
Phoenix-based OH Predictive Insights surveyed Arizonans on how they view the surging gas prices in their state. According to the AZPOP poll, 4 in 5 residents expect prices to be higher next month than they are now.
Mar. 29, 2022
downtown tucson
Tucson’s minimum wage is increasing 85 cents to $13 on April 1, en route to a $15 minimum in 2025, after voters approved a change last November.
Mar. 26, 2022
people on patio at state 48 brewery
Surprise is conducting its annual retail survey of residents and this year, a new group is invited to participate.
Mar. 24, 2022
a person pumping gas
U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly has introduced a bill that would get rid of the 18 cent federal gas tax until the end of the year to reduce pressure on consumers.
Mar. 14, 2022
American Energy-Woodford's Judge South well
President Joe Biden signed an executive order this week to ban Russian oil imports in response to the invasion of Ukraine. To understand the impact of this move, The Show spoke with Daniel Rothenberg of Arizona State University's Center on the Future of War.
Mar. 10, 2022
Deep into the first quarter of 2022, many businesses connected to the arts have seen a financial boost from patrons who feel the worst of the pandemic is behind us.
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Mar. 8, 2022
Some Tempe businesses could get extra help this summer at no out-of-pocket cost. Tempe is looking for employers to offer student internships with the city covering their compensation.
Mar. 8, 2022
private property no trespassing sign
State senators are poised to decide whether to allow business owners and their employees to kill people who are damaging or even defacing their property.
Mar. 6, 2022
A house for sale in Phoenix
Among U.S. states, Arizona led the nation last year in home price gains, according to CoreLogic.
Mar. 1, 2022
person counting money
Identity theft was the top consumer complaint among Arizonans last year, according to newly released data from the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC received 51,873 fraud reports from consumers in Arizona in 2021.They added up to $116,030,737, with a median loss of $515.
Mar. 1, 2022
Robin Wayland
What do a KJZZ reporter, the former Phoenix poet laureate, a Valley haiku poet with a new haiku trilogy and the winner of this year’s Haiku Writing Contest have in common? They all shine on KJZZ’s “Word.” It’s a podcast about literature in Arizona and the region, hosted by Tom Maxedon.
Feb. 27, 2022
What do a Scottsdale memoirist, a Tucson coffee shop/bookstore owner — who's also a haiku enthusiast as well as a crime writer — and a Tucson Festival of Books panelist have in common? They’re all part of this episode of KJZZ’s Word. It’s a podcast about literature in Arizona and the region.
Feb. 11, 2022
Elected officials and business leaders surround the new Asian District signage for the nearby Light Rail stop
A stretch of Dobson Road in Mesa populated with Asian businesses was given the official designation of the Asian District on Saturday. Mayor John Giles says the designation shows the growth of the Valley’s Asian community.
Feb. 5, 2022


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