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Pile of gift cards
The holiday shopping season is underway, but buyers beware. Thousands of cloned gift cards have been seized in Arizona.
Dec. 8, 2023
Ukrainian Delegation Visits KJZZ
The sense of urgency behind a bill to fund the Ukraine war effort is reverberating all the way here to Arizona, where three members of the Ukrainian Parliament visited this month.
Dec. 7, 2023
A home sold in Phoenix
Imagine if your house, or land you owned, was put up for sale and then sold — without you ever being aware of any of it. That’s been happening in Arizona and elsewhere, where criminals steal identities and falsify documents.
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Dec. 7, 2023
Arizona Border Crossings
The Show spoke with Daisy Zavala Magaña with the Nogales International about the Lukeville Port of Entry closure.
Dec. 7, 2023
Mark Kelly
The GOSAFE Act, co-sponsored by Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly, would establish a list of prohibited firearms and limit the capacity of detachable magazines to 10 rounds, as well as prohibit the manufacture and assembly of "ghost guns."
Dec. 6, 2023
Sedona, Arizona sign
The Show spoke with Shannon Boone, housing manager for the cities of Sedona and Cottonwood, about how short-term rentals increase rent and what new deed restrictions are doing to counteract that.
Dec. 6, 2023
Rocky Point
The Show spoke with Hector Vazquez, the general manager of Las Palomas Resort in Rocky Point, about how the closure of the Lukeville Port of Entry and how it is affecting his business.
Dec. 6, 2023
A view of Grand Canyon and the Lookout Studio near Bright Angel Lodge in Jan. 2021.
Longtime Arizona journalist and author of the "On The Road Arizona" travel blog Peter Corbett joined The Show to tell us where to go this time of year.
Dec. 5, 2023
an apartment building under construction in north phoenix
Last year, the Arizona Department of Housing estimated the state needed 270,000 units to meet demand. But projects that would provide housing, and affordable housing, often run into opposition. Dierdre Pfeiffer joined The Show to explain how residents and developers can work through some of that.
Dec. 5, 2023
Raoul Torrez is sitting down, wearing a blue shirt. He is holding up a large picture frame that shows off a collage of family photos, all of varying ages.
After 60 years of doing business in downtown Phoenix, the family behind Azteca Bridal is closing for good in mid-December — a couple weeks later than originally announced. Co-owner Raoul Torrez said his father, Adolfo Torrez, was proud of the store being somewhere everyone was welcome.
Dec. 4, 2023
Along with the holidays, this time of year marks platforms like Spotify releasing breakdowns of users’ individual listening habits. The crowd of listeners who get their Spotify Wrapped continues to grow.
Nov. 30, 2023
Joe Willie Smith being interviewed by The Show's Lauren Gilger inside his Phoenix art studio.
A new series called Staying Power looks at people who have made Arizona their home — like Joe Willie Smith. Smith has been a paid artist for nearly his entire life, from painting broken plates for his mother to sell, to doing graphic design for newspapers. When Smith moved to Phoenix, it was a very different place than the one we know today.
Nov. 30, 2023
Wedding dresses on display
Azteca Brida closed this week after 60 years in business near 10th and Washington streets in Phoenix. A staple in the Phoenix bridal and quinceañera industry, the shop remained family-owned for the entirety of its operation.
Nov. 29, 2023
Santa Claus Arizona tallest Christmas tree Anthem outlets
The Show spoke with Mitch Allen, founder and head elf at, about the shortage of Santas this year.
Nov. 29, 2023
Evelia Davis
The Show spoke to Evelia Davis, who created the Diaspora Collective, a market, restaurant and bar in Heritage Square in downtown Phoenix
Nov. 29, 2023
Kore Power factory
The Hobbs administration met with business leaders behind closed doors Monday to discuss ways to grow Arizona’s clean energy economy.
Nov. 28, 2023
An in-home electric vehicle charging station
The Show spoke with Matt Dean, assistant professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of California Irvine, about a new app, Buzze, that is working to help make more EV chargers accessible.
Nov. 28, 2023
Two security guards controlling crowd by entrance, overhead view
The Show spoke with Steven Adelman, head of the Adelman Law Group and vice president of the Event Safety Alliance, about event security and the way it’s changing.
Nov. 28, 2023
For many people, ‘tis the season for food, family and friends. This time of year takes on special meaning — and extra work — for a certain group of Arizona entrepreneurs.
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Nov. 28, 2023
Marijuana in a jar next to a cannabis joint on a countertop
An Arizona marijuana establishment has voluntarily recalled specific products due to possible contamination with Aspergillus. This is the second recall of marijuana products due to the fungus this year.
Nov. 27, 2023


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