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cigarette in an ashtray
The Tempe City Council is scheduled to vote Thursday, Oct. 26, on whether to raise the legal age to buy tobacco to 21 and creating a city registry of tobacco retailers that pay yearly license fees.
Oct. 25, 2023
Assisted living
Governor Katie Hobbs is directing two state agencies to investigate their own responses to complaints at a Mesa assisted living facility where a resident was killed by her roommate.
Oct. 25, 2023
Medicare card
The enrollment period to apply for Medicare recently opened. Those with Social Security are automatically enrolled in two parts of the program. On PBS’s "Arizona Horizon," Alberto Alvarez of the State Health Insurance Assistance Program says there may be important changes that people may want to make.
Oct. 22, 2023
A Phoenix skyline
After the hottest summer in its history, Maricopa County has now confirmed this will be another record-breaking year for heat-related deaths.
Oct. 19, 2023
Bottle of prescription medication
The company Optum Rx opened its largest pharmacy fulfillment center in the country in Mesa this week. The facility is expected to employ about 300 people.
Oct. 19, 2023
A future child care facility will serve Maricopa County employees and their families exclusively.
Oct. 19, 2023
Arizona State University plans to vastly expand its footprint in downtown Phoenix. The university has announced it will build its new medical school in the center of the city.
Oct. 19, 2023
hospital bed
A new behavioral health hub for young people just diagnosed with psychosis is now open in Mesa.
Oct. 19, 2023
Dictionary definition of the word menopause.
A study of roughly 3,000 women from across the United States that found a link between hot flashes and cardiovascular disease.
Oct. 18, 2023
Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes meets in front of NATIVE HEALTH's voter registration booth at this weekend's open house and health fair.
Several high-profile local and federal guests arrived, including Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, who came to present a proclamation to the urban Native clinic during its annual open house and health fair on Saturday.
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Oct. 17, 2023
Banner Alzheimer’s Institute
Native Americans are more likely to develop Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia than their white peers. It’s one reason why a leading Alzheimer’s organization is hosting a caregiver conference for Native Americans later this week.
Oct. 16, 2023
Chandler City Hall
To kick off its Building Better Mental Health series, Chandler will be hosting an informational session Saturday with a focus on understanding mental health and addressing stigma.
Oct. 15, 2023
person getting a pet scan
An imaging tool used to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease will now be covered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.
Oct. 13, 2023
child getting vaccinated
Cases of influenza and other respiratory infections are on the rise in Arizona. And health officials say now is the time to get up-to-date on immunizations.
Oct. 12, 2023
The Cartwright School District is set to receive $75,000 to address mental health and well-being challenges for students, teachers and staff.
Oct. 10, 2023
Theresa MacPhail Allergic book
More and more of us appear to be allergic to more and more things. Medical anthropologist and professor Theresa MacPhail says there are absolutely more allergies now than there were in the past.
Oct. 9, 2023
Young woman smoking cigarette
Tempe has released key dates this month when the public can share views on whether to raise the age to legally buy tobacco. Doing so would mean the city adopts a policy similar to Flagstaff and Tucson.
Oct. 6, 2023
Woman sits on chair next to medical exam table
Indigenous people have been uniquely affected by the end of Roe. Now, states with some of the largest Indigenous populations also have some of the strictest restrictions on abortion.
Oct. 6, 2023
Woman poses in front of mural
For many Spanish speakers, like Hernández, finding affordable and accessible mental health care in Phoenix can be nearly impossible - despite the fact that the Hispanic population became the largest racial demographic in the city in 2021.
Oct. 5, 2023
Barrow Neurological Institute has received a $16.7 million award from the NIH, its largest grant ever from that agency. The funds will support Barrow as it helps coordinate a new national consortium to study Lou Gehrig’s disease.
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Oct. 5, 2023


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