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Michael Lawton teaching surgery at Barrow Neurological Institute
Much like the college athletes that train for the NCAA Final Four, residents at the Barrow Neurological Institute must also train for endurance and strength.
Apr. 6, 2024
Man holds cello
Ophthalmologist Dr. Jonathan Lass, a founding member of the World Doctors Orchestra, spoke with The Show about how he got involved and the rigorous rehearsal schedule before the group plays two concerts in the Valley this weekend.
Apr. 5, 2024
two people walking down a nursing home hallway
A bill that would set training standards for staff who work at facilities that offer memory care services in Arizona could soon be signed into law.
Apr. 4, 2024
Stethoscope on a table.
People living with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia may experience behavior changes, such as increased anger, as their condition progresses. For some families, it means sending their loved one to a behavioral-health unit specifically for dementia patients.
Apr. 3, 2024
a red ribbon on a denim jacket
Indian Country has long been disproportionately affected by HIV and AIDS. And for the first-time ever, a pair of Native Americans are co-chairing the Aunt Rita’s Foundation annual AIDS Walk in Tempe on Saturday.
Apr. 3, 2024
After using a private company for nearly 20 years, Scottsdale is preparing to launch a city-run ambulance program.
Apr. 2, 2024
Planned parenthood
Planned Parenthood Arizona’s Phoenix clinic on Tuesday began offering vasectomies for the first time in over more than a decade, according to the organization's chief medical officer, Dr. Jill Gibson,
Apr. 2, 2024
david schweikert
Arizona Rep. David Schweikert has introduced a bill in Congress meant to fast track the development of vaccines against substance-use disorders.
Apr. 1, 2024
A pharmacist administers a COVID-19 vaccine
If you’re planning a trip to the United Kingdom or other parts of Western Europe this summer, you might want to talk to your doctor about a measles booster.
Apr. 1, 2024
Woman in beige blazer talks at podium
Senate President Warren Petersen (R-Gilbert) accused Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs of working with what he called “grifters” to kill the bill. Hobbs says that's not what happened.
Mar. 29, 2024
Mesa Public Schools
On Monday, the governing board for Mesa Public Schools approved a $242,000 contract to purchase a wellness app for district employees. The district is using money from an employee benefits trust, so it’s not pulling from funding that could be used for students.
Mar. 28, 2024
Mifeprex mifepristone abortion pill package
Mayur Dev, head pharmacist at Phoenix's Fairmont Pharmacy, will be closely watching a case at the U.S. Supreme Court governing access to the abortion drug mifepristone.
Mar. 28, 2024
A crowd listens to families and victims of sober living homes share their devastating stories at a town hall meeting organized by 'Stolen People, Stolen Benefits,' a grassroots watchdog group on Tuesday, March 26.
On Tuesday night, both rural and urban Natives traveled from near and far to the site of a former boarding school at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix to share the devastating impacts of a sober-living-home scandal that gained widespread notoriety after the shutdown of more than 300 facilities last year.
Mar. 27, 2024
old main
A University of Arizona researcher received $750,000 from the National Institutes of Health to help prevent nurses from developing work-related asthma.
Mar. 27, 2024
Lisa Quale, a health educator the University of Arizona’s Skin Cancer Institute, answered The Show's questions about skin cancer while living in the sunny Southwest.
Mar. 27, 2024
covid nurse
A new transition-to-practice program in Arizona has welcomed its first cohort of nurses. The 12-month program supports newly-graduated nurses at hospitals in more rural areas and aims to prevent burnout.
Mar. 26, 2024
san carlos apache reservation sign
The San Carlos Apache said Monday that the federal government owes it $3 million for health-care services, one of two tribes arguing before the Supreme Court for more support from the Indian Health Service.
Mar. 26, 2024
Yellow flowers on a plant
There’s a growing body of research looking into how kids born during COVID-19 quarantines may be affected by allergies going forward.
Mar. 26, 2024
two people walking down a nursing home hallway
A bill that aims to better regulate memory care and nursing home facilities is working its way through the Arizona Senate.
Mar. 25, 2024
Hannah Bassett with the Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting spoke with The Show about breaking the story of how state leaders misled the public about the scope of the Medicaid billing fraud scandal.
Mar. 25, 2024


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