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Eight chefs and foodway demonstrators were invited to Old Town to attend this year's Arizona Indigenous Culinary Experience in late November.
Eight chefs and foodway demonstrators near and far traveled to Old Town Scottsdale in November to showcase their uniquely Native foods and flavors at the Arizona Indigenous Edible Experience hosted by the Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West.
Dec. 6, 2023
Evelia Davis
The Show spoke to Evelia Davis, who created the Diaspora Collective, a market, restaurant and bar in Heritage Square in downtown Phoenix
Nov. 29, 2023
hospital bed
The Show spoke with Ann-Marie Alameddin, president and CEO of the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association, about AHCCCS disenrollments.
Nov. 29, 2023
For many people, ‘tis the season for food, family and friends. This time of year takes on special meaning — and extra work — for a certain group of Arizona entrepreneurs.
More Arizona business news
Nov. 28, 2023
Lidia Bastianich and book "Lidia's From Our Family Table to Yours"
Lidia Bastianich has written a lot of cookbooks in her career. The celebrity chef has been on TV teaching us all how to cook Italian cuisine since 1998, and she has become famous for bringing her family in on the business.
Nov. 27, 2023
Slices of cantaloupe on a plate
The CDC says the number of people sickened has doubled in a Salmonella outbreak tied to whole and pre-cut cantaloupes.
Nov. 24, 2023
Market research firm Technomic said fewer consumers will order ready-made Thanksgiving meals and sides, but local demand remains strong.
Nov. 21, 2023
Slices of cantaloupe on a plate
The CDC issued a warning for a salmonella outbreak linked to pre-cut cantaloupes, which has spread to 15 states, including Arizona.
Nov. 20, 2023
Terry Button uses a pair of tongs to turn ears of Pima 60-Day Corn roasting over a grill of mesquite coals in September.
Ramona Farms, one of Indian Country’s leading commercial Native-owned farms, is safeguarding their community’s culinary heritage of heirloom products made with one of the world's fastest growing corns through commerce on the Gila River Indian Reservation.
Nov. 20, 2023
Headshot of woman in blue shirt
The Show spoke with Deb Perleman, creator of Smitten Kitchen and the author of three cookbooks, about how she approaches the holidays and what to serve.
Nov. 20, 2023
Arizonans can look forward to a cheaper Thanksgiving dinner this year, with average turkey prices down 43% from last year.
Nov. 15, 2023
Michael Kotutwa Johnson
In the West, ongoing drought and drier future are forcing us all to think about how we use water differently. One farmer up in northern Arizona is using ancient practices to grow food.
Nov. 15, 2023
Cars on road
More Arizonans are expected to travel over Thanksgiving weekend compared to last year.
Nov. 14, 2023
Gabriel and panel members
Gabriel Pietrorazio, KJZZ's tribal natural resources reporter, moderated a panel discussion on "Food, Water and the Future of Tribal Lands" on Wednesday, Nov. 29 in Tempe.
Nov. 14, 2023
woman looks at shirt
Holiday spending is projected to slow this year, compared to the past three years.
Nov. 9, 2023
A new study commissioned by Downtown Phoenix Inc. puts the value of economic output in the area during 2022 at $21.2 billion.
Nov. 8, 2023
solar ovens on the grass
Byron Hempel, a professor of practice in the Chemical and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Arizona, spoke with The Show about a solar oven throw down with 400 engineering students.
Nov. 8, 2023
Arizona’s largest pickleball facility is being planned on an 11-acre site at the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.
Nov. 7, 2023
Old MacAlpine's diner.
KJZZ contributor Robrt Pela spoke with her about MacAlpine’s history and why it’s so hard to keep a diner open these days.
Nov. 7, 2023
Three people in Diamondbacks gear walk down the street
Downtown Phoenix bars and restaurants expect to generate major league cash this week.
Oct. 31, 2023


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