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Kate Gallego
The COP26 conference is in its second week, with leaders from around the world convening in Scotland to discuss actions that can be taken to curb climate change. But it’s not just presidents and prime ministers that are there to work toward a cleaner future — mayors are also there, including Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego.
Nov. 9, 2021
BBC look-ahead graphic
COP26, the global climate change conference, continues this week in Glasgow, Scotland, with negotiators working to hammer out agreements before the summit wraps up.
Nov. 8, 2021
Cultivator Jorge Leon demonstrates the kind of grafting clips he uses both on tomato and watermelon plants at Sierra Seed Company in Imuris, Sonora, Mexico.
University of Arizona will study how plants communicate thanks to a $3.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation. This will include research on drought impacts and how plants can combat such impacts.
Nov. 3, 2021
SRP East Line Solar Plant
Installing new solar panels on an older home can be expensive, so SRP has designed a plan for those who want to support solar without those upfront costs.
Nov. 1, 2021
A schematic diagram for the teleconnection between Arctic sea-ice loss and increasing fire hazards over the western U.S.
Wildfires in the American West have grown more frequent and severe over recent decades. New research suggests changes in arctic sea ice might bear part of the blame.
Oct. 29, 2021
Firefighters fighting the Backbone Fire
Federal agencies and other groups frequently cooperate on fighting wildfires. The Aspen Institute and Nature Conservancy are looking at how they might work to stop fires before they start and convened a panel of experts to talk about the problem.
Oct. 26, 2021
Colorado River
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey wants to invest $30 million from the COVID-19 relief fund to protect the state’s access to the Colorado River water supply.
Oct. 25, 2021
The Arizona sun behind a palm tree
Phoenix has become the first city in the country to open a publicly funded Office of Heat Response and Mitigation; that’s part of nearly $3 million to deal with heat and climate change in the most recent city budget.
Oct. 25, 2021
BBC look-ahead graphic
The next big international conference on climate change, 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, is set to start in less than two weeks — but talk about it is already heating up. For a look at some of the key global stories in the coming days, The Show spoke with the BBC’s Rob Hugh-Jones.
Oct. 18, 2021
Cattle graze
Federal land management agencies have agreed to do more to keep cattle from grazing in sensitive habitats in the Verde River watershed. A U.S. District Court judge approved the settlement between ecological groups and the federal agencies.
Oct. 15, 2021
Hoover Dam
Extreme drought, heat, and lower precipitation is causing a strain on hydropower production. This could lead to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions.
Oct. 11, 2021
great horned owl
When the birds arrive they’re in pretty bad shape. Many are casualties of drought, arriving in late spring or early summer, when temperatures rise and waterholes go dry. The drought has been hard on Arizona’s raptors, and this year was no exception.
More climate change news
Oct. 7, 2021
Mark Kelly
Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly chaired a hearing on drought in the West Wednesday. Kelly told colleagues his state is on the front lines of a megadrought.
Oct. 6, 2021
The "Earth thermometer" sculpture
Urban landscapes intensify the effects of dangerously hot and humid days. But scientists only broadly understand the interplay between escalating urban population growth and extreme heat exposure. A new study in the journal PNAS helps address that gap, and the news isn't good.
Oct. 4, 2021
A storm cloud over Phoenix
Monsoon season went out with some moisture for parts of the Phoenix area on Thursday. Overall this year, the Phoenix metro region had 5.8 inches over 23 days of measurable rain. That’s the second most behind 1896 with 24 days.
Oct. 1, 2021
The U.S. Senate $1 trillion infrastructure bill is focused on roads, bridges and other traditional builds. It does not include the additional funding that Dora Vasquez, executive director of the Arizona Alliance of for Retired Americans, says Arizona needs and is included in the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better package.
Sep. 28, 2021
Bureau of Land Management sign
The Bureau of Land Management has approved a right-of-way request for an array of solar panels near Buckeye.
Sep. 24, 2021
karletta chief
Climate change impacts us all now, but for those living on Native American reservations, the environmental impacts are often more extreme. Now, the University of Arizona is starting a new center aimed at helping them address those challenges.
Sep. 23, 2021
colorado river
The Bureau of Reclamation has released its five-year projection for the Colorado River, and the outlook has not improved.
Sep. 22, 2021
A University of Arizona study took a detailed look at the role that temperature plays in evolution and biodiversity. The researchers were surprised at what they found.
Sep. 15, 2021


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