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Multicolor tiles on walls
Nearly 50 projects are on a public art list in Phoenix that would cost more than $25 million over the next five years. Some of the money will come from voter-approved bonds and a grant, but most projects will be funded by an ordinance the City Council adopted in 1986.
May. 8, 2024
knife cutting between bride and groom figurines, relationship breakup
The Show spoke with Emily Gould, the author of the essay "The Lure of Divorce," about the fallout from that piece and others she's written about herself and her personal life.
May. 8, 2024
Mick Jagger dances on stage
The Rolling Stones play State Farm Stadium in Glendale on Tuesday, their first show here since 2019. ADOT says you can expect heavy traffic on westbound I-10 and Loop 101 before the concert.
May. 7, 2024
Woman in dress and apron serves family dinner
New Yorker writer Sophie Elmhirst recently profiled Alena Kate Pettit, who is featured in a BBC documentary about the "tradwife" movement. Elmhirst joined The Show to talk more about it.
May. 7, 2024
Tyina Steptoe
Tyina Steptoe studies protest songs that are specific to the Black community. Steptoe is an associate professor of history at the University of Arizona and has taught a community class called A Racial Justice Mixtape.
May. 7, 2024
Man in sunglasses smoking
The “Snoop Dogg Arizona Bowl Presented by Gin & Juice By Dre and Snoop” is scheduled for Dec. 28 at Arizona Stadium on University of Arizona's campus in Tucson and will match teams from the Mountain West Conference and Mid-American Conference.
May. 6, 2024
A new giraffe was born at the Phoenix Zoo
As any English major knows, dream sequences are a staple of many great works of literature. Professor David Toomey teaches English at UMass Amherst, but in his latest book, Toomey examines a real-life phenomenon that’s barely been studied at all: animal dreams.
May. 6, 2024
Brittney Griner press conference
Brittney Griner continues her efforts to settle into a normal routine following her release from a Russian prison 17 months ago. Life isn't what it once was for the perennial WNBA All-Star.
May. 6, 2024
The Navajo-dubbed version of “Star Wars: A New Hope” can be streamed on Disney+ by finding the film under the extras.
Today is May 4, which sounds like ‘May the Fourth Be With You’ to Star Wars fans, and one effort to help keep the Navajo language alive can be observed on this unofficial holiday, celebrated among fans of the iconic sci-fi franchise.
May. 4, 2024
Skier goes down hill
The Snowbowl ski resort in northern Arizona is extending its season after getting more than 30 inches of new snowfall last week.
May. 3, 2024
Shadow of a microphone on a comedy club brick wall
On a recent Friday night in downtown Phoenix, the line outside Stand Up Live snaked all the way from the front door of the club, down a flight of stairs, and on to the sidewalk. It was almost time for the fourth show in a sold-out run by comedian Tim Dillon.
May. 3, 2024
The MusicaNova orchestra
On Sunday, a children’s choir from Hermosillo, Sonora, joins two Phoenix-based music groups for a concert called "Música Sin Fronteras," or “Music Without Borders.”
May. 3, 2024
Another beloved spot on downtown Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row is closing this week. Friday is the last night to go to Carly’s Bistro. The restaurant and bar/community and art space has been a mainstay in the arts district for nearly two decades. But now, the owners say they’re calling it quits.
May. 3, 2024
Desireé Francois
Desireé Reed-Francois, the new athletic director at the University of Arizona has a lot on her plate: changing conferences and the university’s ongoing budget problems chief among them. The University of Arizona College of Law alum says she’s excited about the work ahead.
May. 2, 2024
Audrey Treon.
In a world of ever-shifting fashion micro-trends, the so-called “coquette” aesthetic has been a mainstay on social media for years. Audrey Treon is a fashion student at Arizona State University, and she recently wrote a Substack piece about the trend.
May. 2, 2024
Mystery Castle parking only sign
Last month, KJZZ contributor Robrt Pela wrote an essay about a pending demolition permit for what’s known as Mystery Castle, a sprawling structure that’s located in the foothills of South Mountain. Now, the foundation says it has no intention of demolishing the castle, but isn't providing any details about their plans for the site.
May. 2, 2024
Slug Bug at Trunk Space
On its 20th anniversary, the Trunk Space is saying goodbye to its home of the last eight years: Grace Lutheran Church in downtown Phoenix. Its leaders say it will move again and continue to adapt and grow.
May. 1, 2024
Hold Fast podcast cover art
A new Audible podcast tells the story of from a different perspective: what it was like to work at one of Phoenix New Times owner Mike Lacey’s newspapers.
May. 1, 2024
Jumbotron at Chase Field
The start of Tuesday night's game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks has been delayed after a bee colony swarmed the top of the protective netting directly behind home plate.
Apr. 30, 2024
Light rail heading south on 19th Avenue
Tempe’s annual tradition of issuing free youth transit passes is underway. Current passes will expire a month earlier this year — on May 31 — because Valley Metro is updating its fare box technology. New passes will be valid starting June 1 and run through June 2025.
Apr. 30, 2024


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