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SRP battery storage
Phoenix-area electric provider Salt River Project will be the first U.S. utility to adopt a new kind of battery technology at large scale. SRP announced Thursday it was planning a new battery project using Organic SolidFlow batteries made by German manufacturer CMBlu Energy.
Aug. 31, 2023
Tempe’s Sustainability and Resilience Office distributed home energy kits that included utility stipends, LED bulbs and smart plugs, which let you automate and control appliances from fans and refrigerators to air conditioners.
Aug. 30, 2023
The sun shines over the Arizona Department of Education building in Phoenix on May 15, 2023.
The Arizona Department of Education has completed $3.6 million in broadband projects to get students in southern Arizona online. The new fiber infrastructure will benefit 1,000 students in the Santa Cruz Valley Unified Schools District.
Aug. 25, 2023
internet cable
The $2 million capital investment by Saddleback Communications to modernize its power and environmental infrastructure arises a year removed from a total outage during last August.
Aug. 18, 2023
drop from a water faucet
The federal government is slightly easing restrictions on Colorado River water after a wet winter helped boost reservoir levels. But Phoenix water managers say the city will remain under a stage one water alert.
Aug. 16, 2023
aps building
Temperature records aren’t the only things we’ve broken this summer. Utilities Salt River Project and Arizona Public Service reported record electricity usage as households battle the intense summer heat. The Show talked about how APS is handling the high demand with company president Ted Geisler.
Aug. 8, 2023
Monsoon storms can bring high winds, which means that objects in your backyard can become airborne and get caught in power lines. APS encourages homeowners to secure tarps, pool umbrellas and other items.
Aug. 1, 2023
SRP power lines
Phoenix’s hottest month in history led to multiple record-breaking days for electricity usage. Phoenix utility providers APS and SRP both saw records fall three times throughout July.
Here's how hot it was in Phoenix every day in July
Aug. 1, 2023
solar panels
The solar industry added thousands of jobs nationwide last year, according to the latest study by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, and that trend is likely to continue.
Jul. 26, 2023
Arizona’s congressional delegation has introduced legislation to help clear the way for Salt River Project to build a new hydro power facility, which will help the utility generate renewable energy when solar power is not readily available.
Jul. 26, 2023
The Arizona Corporation Commission recently approved permitting for a gas-powered generating station near a historic African-American community close to Coolidge, but the Sierra Club has appealed the decision.
Jul. 25, 2023
SRP power lines
In a letter Friday to electric companies, Gov. Katie Hobbs said she wants their "action plans for protecting Arizonans during this unprecedented heat wave."
Jul. 21, 2023
Katie Hobbs
Flanked by law enforcement officials in Sierra Vista, Gov. Katie Hobbs on Wednesday announced $41 million in funding for police departments and the sheriffs office in Cochise County to help tackle border-related crimes.
Jul. 20, 2023
Bob Ellis SRP
Phoenix's heat wave is leading to record electricity usage, with both of Phoenix’s electric providers — APS and SRP — reporting their highest demand ever in the last week. Utilities say backup power and new technology are helping them ensure reliability.
Jul. 17, 2023
Solar panels on a roof
Nonprofits in Salt River Project's service area can apply to the program through August 18. The program has already installed 54 solar systems, saving organizations more than $1 million.
Jul. 17, 2023
Woman using smartphone to call or text in desert area
It is part of a change adopted by the Arizona Corporation Commission from 2021.
Jul. 16, 2023
SRP SmokeD AI-enabled wildfire detection cameras on a transmission tower
The Salt River Project is testing out an AI program to minimize the spread of wildfires. It detects smoke up to 10 miles away, sends an alert to first responders and directs them exactly where to find it within minutes.
Jul. 13, 2023
stacks of wood
Arizona’s wildfire managers have struggled to keep up with thinning small diameter trees on the forest floor in recent years, so Salt River Project will join with a number of Valley cities to help reduce the fuel load.
Jul. 11, 2023
sun in phoenix
The extreme heat in metro Phoenix is affecting air quality. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has scheduled an ozone high pollution watch for Thursday and Friday in Maricopa County.
Jul. 11, 2023
SRP power lines
Even as extreme summer heat continues in the Phoenix area, SRP says it is prepared to meet high demand for electricity.
Jul. 11, 2023


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