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Title 42
Under a new plan, the U.S. government will be able to immediately expel migrants from Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua. It establishes a parole program for migrants from those countries that will mean some of them can get into the country legally.
Jan. 9, 2023
A child hugs his mother as she sings during a demonstration
The Biden administration has announced a new immigration plan that expands the pandemic-era Title 42 policy, which sends migrants and asylum seekers who are caught crossing the border back into Mexico.
Jan. 6, 2023
President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden will visit Mexico next week for the first time as president to attend the North American Leaders’ Summit.
Jan. 6, 2023
girl jumping in air and shooting ball toward a basket
The Phoenix City Council approved a $300,000 contract Wednesday to provide legal services to residents of three mobile home parks being displaced for development.
Jan. 4, 2023
Immigration Visa application
Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, wants to raise the fees applicants pay when trying to get certain visas to come to and stay in the U.S.
Jan. 3, 2023
Syrian refugees learn English
Phoenix could provide more than $5 million in federal relief funds to support refugees and immigrants.
Jan. 2, 2023
Arizona Gov Doug Ducey surveys shipping containers used to close gaps in the border wall
After months of scrutiny from environmentalists, immigration advocates and the U.S. government, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is taking down the shipping containers he had seemingly illegally put up.
Dec. 30, 2022
Concertina wire on the U.S. fence
Title 42 allows border agents to turn away migrants, on the grounds of COVID-19, before they can seek asylum. When President Joe Biden tried to dismantle it, a group of 19 Republican state attorneys general sued.
Dec. 30, 2022
Governor Elect Katie Hobbs
Arizona Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs is in contact with White House officials to address concerns about overwhelming migration numbers at the southern border.
Dec. 28, 2022
us capitol building
Throughout the year, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott have been busing migrants seeking asylum to Washington, D.C. Three more buses from Texas arrived in D.C. on Christmas Eve.
Dec. 25, 2022
Arizona Gov Doug Ducey surveys shipping containers used to close gaps in the border wall
Gov. Doug Ducey has agreed to remove all the shipping containers he has installed along the border. A press aide says the move comes as a deal was made with the Biden Administration.
Dec. 22, 2022
U.S. Supreme Court building
The Supreme Court has temporarily halted plans to end Title 42. The pandemic-era protocol was set to end by court order Dec. 21, but the high court siding with a coalition of more than a dozen GOP-led states asking for an emergency stay. A court is expected to rule on the future of the protocol later this week.
Dec. 19, 2022
A child hugs his mother as she sings during a demonstration
Title 42 is a Trump-era health policy that stopped migrants and asylum seekers at the border. Per a judge’s order, it ends on Wednesday, and politicians on both sides of the aisle are warning of the potential for chaos.
Dec. 19, 2022
Border wall Douglas Arizona
Thousands of migrants a day have been crowding parts of the southern border as the impending end to a controversial border policy called Title 42 is set to end next week.
Dec. 14, 2022
President Joe Biden
This month an appeals court in California heard arguments for a case challenging an old, widely-used criminal statute that makes entering the U.S. after being deported a felony.
Dec. 14, 2022
Kyrsten Sinema Arizona Chamber of Commerce keynote
More than two dozen Arizona leaders in politics, business, and education want Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to move forward on a framework deal to provide a pathway to citizenship to some undocumented people brought to the U.S. as kids — known as "Dreamers."
Dec. 13, 2022
A sign near the Nogales Arizona Port of Entry
The controversial protocol is set to end on Dec. 21 after almost three years thanks to a federal court ruling in Washington, D.C., that found its use was "arbitrary and capricious." But the battle over its future continues.
Dec. 13, 2022
Arizona Gov Doug Ducey surveys shipping containers used to close gaps in the border wall
Gov. Doug Ducey’s plan to stack shipping containers along the U.S.-Mexico border has been met with criticism. Now, one border sheriff says if anyone tries to put the containers in his jurisdiction, he’ll have them arrested for illegal dumping.
Dec. 8, 2022
The U.S. Capitol
The House of Representatives approved a bill that could create a pathway to citizenship to non-citizens who served in the U.S. military.
Dec. 7, 2022
Kyrsten Sinema Yuma
This week, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema floated the framework for a piece of legislation that seeks to provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented people brought to the U.S. as children — also known as "Dreamers." It could also extend Title 42.
Dec. 7, 2022


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