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Mirabella in the heart of downtown Tempe
Four years after Arizona State University announced plans to open an intergenerational high-rise community called Mirabella in the heart of Tempe’s campus, residents are finally moving in — albeit during a global pandemic.
Jan. 11, 2021
Many residents and staff at long-term care facilities have already received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. But some Arizona caregivers are worried about getting the shot and have decided to wait.
Jan. 7, 2021
The coronavirus pandemic has led to a host of new scams aimed at older adults — everything from fake COVID-19 cures to door-to-door sanitation services. Now the Federal Trade Commission published a blog post warning of coronavirus vaccine scams.
Dec. 23, 2020
man with hands in his lap
Even before the coronavirus pandemic, many older adults were struggling with isolation. The issue has gotten even worse over the last ten months. Staying connected to these vulnerable adults who often live alone means thinking outside the box.
Dec. 23, 2020
Residents and staff at long-term care facilities will begin getting vaccinated for the coronavirus starting Dec. 27. That’s what the head of the Arizona Department of Health Services told a handful of reporters on Friday, including KJZZ’s Kathy Ritchie.
Dec. 11, 2020
Last week, the committee that recommends which groups will get first access to coronavirus vaccines said nursing home residents should get priority. Governor Ducey appeared to echo that. KJZZ’s Kathy Ritchie talked to one long-term care operator about how they’re preparing for vaccines when they become available.
Dec. 7, 2020
The Colonnade in Surprise
Ageism is one of those “isms” that seems to get a pass, unlike sexism or racism. Most of us have either been on the receiving end of ageism or, worse, guilty of it. This story explores the power of ageism and ageist language.
Justice In Aging Director: Coronavirus Exposes Deep-Seated Ageism
Dec. 3, 2020
man with hands in his lap
Arizona appears to be on the brink of another coronavirus surge, and like before, it’ll impact residents in long-term care. This latest wave could hit around the holidays.
Nov. 16, 2020
caregiver, alzheimer's disease, dementia, aging, kjzz
Eight months after the country shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, family caregivers continue to struggle. Even though restaurants, gyms and schools are mostly open for business, many of the respite services caregivers relied on, like adult day programs, remain closed. The price? Caregiver burnout.
Get The Latest News On COVID-19 In Arizona
Nov. 14, 2020
SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 coronavirus
The industry group that represents long-term care across the country is warning of an uptick in coronavirus cases in nursing homes. Arizona could soon see another spike in cases. The American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living released a report showing a 43% increase in new cases, mostly in the Midwest.
Nov. 3, 2020
Nursing home outdoor visit
Despite an uptick in coronavirus cases, long-term care facilities are reporting that family visits are going well. Dana Kennedy, the state director of AARP Arizona, said nice weather allows for safer outdoor visits.
Oct. 30, 2020
COVID-19 has exposed the role ageism plays in our society. And it’s not just the very old that it’s hurting. A study has found that people 55 and up now face higher unemployment rates than mid-career workers.
Oct. 30, 2020
Dana Marie Kennedy speaks at a press conference
Eligible Arizona voters living in long-term care and hospitals have until 5 p.m. Friday to request a ballot for the upcoming presidential election. The message from AARP Arizona was clear: "Just because you're in a long-term care facility doesn't mean that you're not able to vote."
Oct. 23, 2020
man with hands in his lap
Could the U.S. see another spike in nursing home deaths due to the coronavirus? At least one industry group says yes. But as providers gear up for another possible influx of cases, one thing is clear: the way many nursing homes are set up, with more than one person in a room, might need to change.
Oct. 20, 2020
Person with walker
On Friday, federal health officials unveiled a plan to get coronavirus vaccines to nursing home residents. Once a vaccine is approved and available, the distribution effort will involve two national pharmacy chains.
Oct. 19, 2020
A new study has found that the direct care workforce — those who provide hands-on care to older adults and people with disabilities — earn a lower median wage compared to jobs with similar entry-level requirements.
Oct. 14, 2020
facebook twitter phone apps
During the 2016 presidential campaign, people 65 and older were more likely to share unverified or fake news stories on Facebook. And we know, even now, fake news stories and memes remain a serious, even dangerous problem. So, how do you know what’s real anymore? Well, there's a class for that.
Oct. 2, 2020
maricopa county ballot
People with dementia have the right to vote. But sometimes, this population needs extra support to cast their ballot. There’s a new guide out to help voters who have certain cognitive impairments.
Voting With Disabilities: Accessing Assistance | Barriers In Place
Oct. 2, 2020
voting sign
People with disabilities often face barriers to voting in Arizona. Case in point: Cochise County tried to prohibit voters from accessing curbside voting. Some disability advocates are worried that those who need help marking their ballot could be disenfranchised in Maricopa County.
Sep. 28, 2020
Six months ago, Arizona long-term care facilities restricted family visits due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, they are cautiously welcoming visitors again. When the pandemic hit, the idea was to restrict visitors to keep vulnerable residents safe. Very few people thought the restrictions would last so long.
Sep. 20, 2020


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