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Lake Mead Echo Bay low water levels
The clock is ticking for the seven Colorado River Basin states to come up with a plan to dramatically reduce their water usage.
Jul. 22, 2022
Firefighters on scene after a transformer at Hoover Dam caught fire on
Police in Boulder City, Nevada say they are headed to the Hoover Dam after reports of an explosion Tuesday morning. Videos posted on social media showed what appeared to be a fire or explosion in a building near the base of the dam.
Jul. 19, 2022
Arizona Heritage Center
A new exhibit at the Arizona Heritage Center uses virtual reality to boost awareness about environmental justice. “Climates of Inequality” explores the history of climate justice with an eye on the present and future as well.
Jul. 16, 2022
Colorado River
KJZZ has been looking at water in the Valley and the practical day-to-day impacts the current situation has on Arizonans in a series called “Every Last Drop.” KJZZ’s Katherine Davis-Young, Ron Dungan and Nicholas Gerbis tell The Show what they learned.
Jul. 15, 2022
water bill
Will a shrinking water supply mean higher utility bills for Arizonans? The short answer is, yes. Arizonans are likely to see their water bills increase in coming years. But water experts say the long answer is a lot more complicated.
Jul. 14, 2022
tucson's skyline from the Tucson Mountain Park
The meeting comes a few weeks after the Environmental Protection Agency tightened restrictions on groundwater contaminants and the Bureau of Reclamation said states including Arizona would need to preserve more Colorado River water.
Jul. 13, 2022
Welcome to Scottsdale marker sign
The Southwest is facing a historic drought and Arizona’s municipal water departments are each required to have drought management plans. But it’s up to cities to decide when to activate them. Scottsdale was the first Valley community to officially declare a drought. A year into its drought program, the city's efforts are making an impact.
Jul. 12, 2022
Flagstaff residents fill pickup trucks with sandbags
Residents in northern Arizona will hear from county officials and engineers Thursday night about the new dangers they face from flooding after two major wildfires this year northeast of Flagstaff.
Jul. 12, 2022
drop from a water faucet
The Southwest’s ongoing drought has put the spotlight on water conservation. Experts agree it’s an important part of the solution. But what does conservation mean to the average Arizonan? Shorter showers? No more grass lawns? What really matters might surprise you.
Jul. 11, 2022
Grand Canyon National Park
A monsoon storm recently knocked out power and disrupted water delivery at the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, but power has been restored and water conservation measures have been lifted.
Jul. 11, 2022
Oak Creek
When we think of water, we often think in large quantities: thousands of gallons or acre-feet. But for this story, we want to go small. A single drop of water, and the path it takes to get to your home, and out of your tap. The KJZZ series "Every Last Drop" tackles big questions about Arizona's water future — including what Arizonans can do to make a difference.
Jul. 10, 2022
Glen Canyon Dam
The Bureau of Reclamation is urging caution for those recreating in northern Arizona near the Glen Canyon Dam.
Jul. 9, 2022
Davis Dam
A new law sets aside more than $1 billion to find new sources of water and to conserve the supplies we already have.
Jul. 7, 2022
Colorado River
As snowpack from the Colorado River decreases, Arizona’s major reservoirs are at all-time lows. But that hasn’t stopped projects to divert more water from the river’s flow.
Jul. 6, 2022
Lake Mead
A sunken boat dating back to World War II is the latest object to emerge from a shrinking reservoir that straddles Nevada and Arizona.
Jul. 4, 2022
Navajo Nation
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is investing over $1 million to expand access to clean water for Navajo and Hopi communities.
Jul. 2, 2022
Sonora Drought
The state's reservoir system, including the El Novillo reservoir that is a key source of water for Hermosillo, has shown modest rises in recent weeks.
Jul. 1, 2022
A canal in Goodyear
The state is setting aside more than $1 billion to try and secure Arizona’s water future. And Kathryn Sorensen, director of research at the Kyl Center for Water Policy, says the state created an innovative program.
More Arizona water news
Jun. 29, 2022
capitol museum
State lawmakers ended their session late Friday with a flurry of activity on major issues, including school vouchers and water.
Jun. 27, 2022
Sandbags have become a normal part of people's landscapes in some Flagstaff neighborhoods
A pair of massive floods that started in the mountains looming over the city of Flagstaff last year damaged entire neighborhoods and overwhelmed drainage systems. Now, city, county and federal officials are racing ahead of this year’s monsoons to create new systems to keep the water moving safely.
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Jun. 22, 2022


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