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Salt River flooding Phoenix
Flood warnings are in effect for the Verde, Salt and Gila rivers. They extend from the northeast to the east side of Phoenix all the way down to the Gila Bend and southwest Maricopa County.
Mar. 28, 2023
Tempe Town Lake
Water recreation enthusiasts in the Valley can now resume activities at Tempe Town Lake. The city announced the amount of brackish water containing debris that was released by Salt River Project (SRP) into the lake has decreased.
Mar. 27, 2023
Water is released from Tempe Town Lake
If you drive past the Salt River in town right now, you might see something surprising there: water. That’s because the Salt River Project continues to release water from its dams.
Mar. 27, 2023
Lake Mead
As Arizona faces challenges related to water shortages, the need to educate residents about conserving water grows more significant. In April, the Arizona Department of Water Resources intends to hold its first-ever Water Awareness Festival to educate and engage with the public about water conservation.
Mar. 25, 2023
Snow in Flagstaff
Unprecedented flooding in Coconino County has overwhelmed infrastructure and once again threatened homes in areas surrounding the city of Flagstaff.
Mar. 24, 2023
drop from a water faucet
A new regulation proposed by the EPA seeks to limit the amount of PFAS contamination in drinking water.
Mar. 22, 2023
Water quickly overwhelmed small culverts
Northern Arizona communities are plagued with flooding issues and evacuations. Several communities in Yavapai County were under flood watch until Wednesday night.
Mar. 22, 2023
Hermosillo water supply
The Sonoran capital Hermosillo is experiencing a water crisis. And experts say the only way to fix it is through better resource management.
Mar. 22, 2023
Oak Creek flooding at Red Rock State Park in Sedona Arizona
Rain, snowmelt and dam releases are causing flooding throughout northern Arizona. In Sedona, Oak Creek has been flooding its banks within the Red Rock State Park, forcing park rangers to close trails.
Mar. 22, 2023
snow on rocks
With heavy rainfall this year and large runoff coming from huge snowpacks, Salt River Project is increasing water releases from its two Verde River reservoirs.
Mar. 22, 2023
View of the Colorado River from the Historic Navajo Bridge
The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Monday on the Navajo Nation’s right to file a lawsuit over access to water from the Colorado River.
Mar. 21, 2023
California flag
Earlier this year, six of the seven Colorado River basin states signed off on a proposal to use less of that water. California was not one of those states. Officials from California say they weren’t consulted on the plan the six other states agreed to — one of many disagreements over the future of the Colorado River.
Mar. 20, 2023
Kate Gallego
Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego will appear at the United Nations Water Conference in New York this week where she will discuss work done by the city to conserve water.
Mar. 19, 2023
An irrigation canal carries Colorado River
States that rely on water from the over-tapped Colorado River want the U.S. Supreme Court to block a lawsuit from the Navajo Nation that could upend how water is shared in the Western U.S.
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Mar. 19, 2023
Lake Mead
The Southern Nevada Water Authority on Thursday voted to accept a $2.4 million grant from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to fund cloud seeding in other Western states whose rivers feed the parched desert region.
Mar. 17, 2023
Grand Canyon National Park
The Transcanyon Waterline, which supplies water to the local community and millions of visitors to Grand Canyon National Park, will be undergoing a $208 million multi-year repair project. These upgrades will ensure waterline breaks that have been happening over the past 13 years will not continue.
Mar. 15, 2023
Rain drips from a roof
There is more rain falling Phoenix on Wednesday, which adds on to an already wet winter and early spring. But how much of an impact is all of that rain and snow having on the region’s water supplies? To find out, The Show checked in with Joel Lisonbee.
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Mar. 15, 2023
Navajo Nation land
Native American communities have long utilized traditional natural resources such as water, lumber, minerals and crops. As they are taking greater roles in the management and preservation of these precious and sometimes finite resources, many are seeking to diversify and modernize their economies and infrastructure.
Mar. 14, 2023
Residents in central Arizona should remain cautious as flooding may occur in the region over the next several days. That’s according to the National Weather Service which provided flood updates on Sunday for Tonto Creek in Gila County and in the Valley along the Salt River between the Granite Reef Dam to Tempe Town Lake.
Mar. 12, 2023
Rio Verde Foothills homeowner Meredith DeAngelis
Restoring the water supply to the unincorporated Rio Verde Foothills community has hit another hurdle. A bill in the Arizona House that was designed to get water flowing again by using a third party provider and Scottsdale infrastructure has failed.
Mar. 10, 2023


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