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Halo partially driverless electric car
Ride-share users in Las Vegas have a new option to get around — and the company behind it is hoping the service will get riders more used to cars on the road with no one in the driver's seat.
Jul. 22, 2021
The below-grade Papago Freeway in central Phoenix, built on what used to be Moreland and Culver streets.
A major project from the Arizona Department Of Transportation is scheduled to begin ramping up soon. The purpose for widening of the I-10 is to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow as the Valley continues to experience rapid population growth.
Jul. 17, 2021
White House
The mayor of Phoenix was among a group of top state and city officials who talked infrastructure with President Biden on Wednesday at the White House.
Jul. 14, 2021
A Valley Metro bus in Phoenix
Democrats in the U.S. Senate reached an agreement July 13 on a $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package that includes a number of items that didn’t make the cut in a more traditional infrastructure framework.
Jul. 14, 2021
ADOT crews clean up State Route 188 during monsoon season in 2020.
Arizona experiences both monsoon season and wildfire season at the same time, and flooding caused by fire damage can leave highways in dangerous conditions. Those areas are more susceptible to flooding during monsoon season, which can leave highways covered with mud and other hazardous debris.
Jul. 9, 2021
A Valley Metro light rail train
If you’re standing at a Valley Metro stop wondering when your bus or light rail train is going to arrive, there’s a new app to help you plan your trip.
Jul. 8, 2021
waymo car
Waymo has been a presence in the Valley for more than five years, with their vehicles most commonly seen around Chandler, Gilbert and Tempe. And Waymo’s latest step could impact the Valley — along with extending it into other communities.
Jul. 8, 2021
A gas pump
With the Fourth of July weekend coming up, many people will be hitting the road for travel. The prospect of a holiday spent with friends and family is always exciting. But what won’t be as exciting are the higher gas prices travelers will face out on the road.
Jul. 1, 2021
sign says masks are federally mandated
Airports around Arizona are getting another round of federal funding to help recover from the effects of COVID-19. The latest money comes from the American Rescue Plan, signed into law earlier this year.
Jun. 30, 2021
Tempe Streetcar
As Tempe Streetcar testing begins Monday, residents should expect to see the vehicles out on the tracks in the coming days and weeks. While the streetcar isn’t allowing passengers yet, Valley Metro is working to incorporate the vehicles into Tempe traffic.
Jun. 27, 2021
Cars on road
Wildfires throughout the state are forcing freeway closures. ADOT says frustrated motorists are not understanding ADOT workers are also affected by the fires.
Jun. 24, 2021
Kyrsten Sinema
Arizona’s senior senator stood to President Biden’s immediate left on Thursday at the White House where Biden said there is a bipartisan deal on infrastructure.
Jun. 24, 2021
A Valley Metro bus in Phoenix
For 15 months, bus riders in Phoenix have been boarding in the back where there is no system to collect fares. Since the pandemic began, drivers are supposed to visually check for bus passes as passengers enter through the rear door.
Jun. 23, 2021
vehicle registration email
A vehicle registration fee is facing controversy once again as the Arizona Department of Transportation and at least one lawmaker disagree as to when the fee is supposed to no longer be charged.
Jun. 14, 2021
Scottsdale Airport
Scottsdale calls its airport — which is one of the busiest single-runway facilities in the U.S. — an economic powerhouse. The landing strip known as a home to corporate jets is set to close in July for its first ever major repairs.
Jun. 11, 2021
Cars on road
Drivers heading to Arizona’s high country this coming week face a slew of road restrictions.
Jun. 5, 2021
Tempe Streetcar
With two streetcars in Arizona and four more on the way, Valley Metro will begin to test one of the vehicles on the tracks in Tempe. The testing phase of the Tempe Streetcar project is the last phase before the projected launch later this year.
Jun. 4, 2021
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
As the vaccination rollout continues and restrictions ease, more people are traveling, and this Memorial Day weekend is no exception.
May. 28, 2021
Central Avenue light rail construction CityScape
Light rail has proven to be a popular option in the Phoenix metro area, and expansion of the line is on the way. But there are concerns about how long the effects of the pandemic will be felt.
May. 27, 2021
Cars on road
Phoenix topped all the metro areas in the Census Bureau survey on the question of travel.
May. 25, 2021


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