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Border wall Douglas Arizona
U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced the deaths of two migrants this week more than two months after agents found them having medical emergencies. The agency does not consider either to have occurred while the migrants were in custody.
Oct. 13, 2023
Douglas city limits
The border town of Douglas, Arizona, is known for having four churches of different denominations located on the same intersection. A local man is now facing hate crime charges in connection with the suspected arson of two those churches in May.
Oct. 13, 2023
Construction crews work to erect levee wall system in a remote area south of Weslaco
The Biden administration’s decision to continue construction of a border wall in Texas has caused many Democratic lawmakers to decry the policy. Now, some experts say that the move may hurt Democrats’ support from Latino voters, as they say many of Biden’s immigration policies mirror those of the previous Trump administration.
Oct. 12, 2023
Border Patrol
Border Patrol agents who fatally shot an unarmed Native American man on tribal land earlier this year will not face charges for his death.
Oct. 11, 2023
President Joe Biden
The Biden administration is waiving more than two dozen environmental protection laws to build a steel bollard wall and roads along almost 20 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. Arizona lawmakers and advocates are calling on him to reverse course.
Oct. 10, 2023
Construction on the Rio Grande Valley Levee Border Wall System 8 Mile Project in January 2020
The Biden administration made a stunning reversal in immigration policy last week, announcing it would move forward with building the border wall in various parts of the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.
Oct. 9, 2023
Yuma border wall gaps filled with shipping containers
The containers were used to build a $100 million makeshift border wall along the Arizona-Mexico border under former Gov. Doug Ducey. The auctions for the containers have a $2,000 starting bid.
Oct. 5, 2023
Juan Ciscomani
The new bill aims to create harsher punishments for drivers fleeing law enforcement within 100 miles of the border, where Ciscomani says CBP agents engage in high-speed pursuits of vehicles suspected of transporting undocumented people.
Sep. 28, 2023
The newly-built border wall
A group of activists and community members from both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border is heading to the United Nations in Geneva this month to talk about use-of-force by U.S. law enforcement.
Sep. 28, 2023
Trail cameras set up by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have caught images of a wild jaguar twice this year. The federal agency’s database shows two sightings from 2023 — both in the Huachuca Mountains in southern Arizona.
Sep. 28, 2023
A sign near the Nogales Arizona Port of Entry
Migrant encounters at the southern border surged in August, to almost 233,000 for the month, with the Tucson sector posting the highest numbers in the nation for the second straight month, according to Customs and Border Protection.
Sep. 27, 2023
A view of the border wall near Yuma
Communities along the Arizona-Sonora border say they need more coordination from the state and the federal government for their ports of entry.
Sep. 25, 2023
United States flag and a U.S. Department of Homeland Security flag
Temporary Protected Status is given to nationals from countries deemed too dangerous to return to — due to national disaster, conflict or civil unrest.
Sep. 25, 2023
President Donald J. Trump in front of a border wall
The Show spoke with Government Accountability Office director of Natural Resources and Environment Anna Maria Ortiz about what she and her team discovered in an investigation on the environmental effects of former President Donald Trump's border wall.
Sep. 25, 2023
Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs speaks to the press at an event in August 2023.
Governor Katie Hobbs announced Thursday the Nogales Police Department would receive a $10 million grant to obtain communications technology for border security.
Sep. 22, 2023
Two people arm in arm
It’s been almost a year since the Biden administration began rolling out a program to allow Cubans and others to apply to come to the U.S. Serguei Josevich Rodriguez remembers that moment well. Moments later, his phone was buzzing with calls from friends and family back home in Cuba.
Sep. 22, 2023
Border wall east of Douglas, Arizona
The migrant-aid system was overwhelmed and Border Patrol began releasing people onto the streets. It’s a last resort in the region and one that can leave asylum seekers and families at risk.
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Sep. 21, 2023
maricopa county medical examiner's office
The Department of Justice is awarding almost $850,000 to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The money comes from the Bureau of Justice Assistance's Missing and Unidentified Human Remains program, focused on improving reporting, transportation and forensics testing on unidentified remains.
Sep. 19, 2023
El Pinacate
UNESCO, the UN body responsible for world heritage sites, is asking for more protection of the nature reserve just across the Arizona border in Mexico.
Sep. 18, 2023
Person holds up a Defend DACA sign
The ambitious executive immigration plan known as DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is now likely heading back to the Supreme Court. The Obama administration enacted the program in 2012, allowing hundreds of thousands of undocumented people brought to the U.S. as kids protection from deportation.
Sep. 14, 2023


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