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Iran demonstration in Scottsdale
The Phoenix area has about 25,000 residents of Iranian descent. Every Saturday for the past couple of months, right in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, a lively and vocal group of them has gathered to send a message to the world about the conditions in their homeland, hoping their message will be heard thousands of miles away.
Dec. 15, 2022
Coming up on this Season 8-ender of Word, we go on a show bender with highlights spanning the entire run-of-show from where it started on the island of Guam in 2016 until now.
Dec. 11, 2022
Brittney Griner
Former Phoenix Suns star Charles Barkley weighed in on the release of Phoenix Mercury standout Brtitney Griner, who returned home this week after being discharged from a Russian penal colony.
Dec. 9, 2022
Phoenix Pride 2018
Chandler City Council has passed a non-discrimination ordinance, which prohibits businesses from discriminating on the basis of race, color, religion, or age, among other criteria.
Dec. 6, 2022
Fronteras Desk logo
An international organization dedicated to protecting free speech says its members in Mexico have received a growing number of threats.
Dec. 2, 2022
Phoenix Pride 2018
After clearing a crucial procedural vote Wednesday, the Respect for Marriage Act is closer to final passage in the U.S. Senate. The bipartisan bill would protect federal marriage rights for same-sex and interracial couples.
Nov. 17, 2022
phoenix municipal court building
The Phoenix City Prosecutor’s Office boasts a 95% success rate for its domestic violence diversion program, but some leaders want to see more numbers.
Nov. 10, 2022
On a sunny Tuesday morning, voters streamed in and out of the Beatitudes Church where they cast their ballot. Voters from all walks of life came out on Election Day to make their voices heard for many reasons.
Nov. 9, 2022
Phoenix Pride 2018
The number of LGBTQ voters in Arizona is projected to dramatically increase in the coming years, according to a new report. This shift is also happening nationally, and it could reshape the electoral landscape.
KJZZ’s Arizona Voter Guide
Oct. 28, 2022
Sonoran Gay Marriage
Seven years after Mexico’s Supreme Court said laws banning same-sex marriage were unconstitutional, couples can now legally marry in every state in the country.
Oct. 27, 2022
valena beety is author of 'manifesting justice'
Leigh Stubs and Tami Vance spent over a decade in prison before they were exonerated. Law professor and former prosecutor Valena Beety tells their story in her new book, "Manifesting Justice."
Oct. 19, 2022
Sonoran Gay Marriage
Mexican senators have passed a reform that will ban a practice known as conversion therapy and punish those who carry it out.
Oct. 12, 2022
close-up of computer keyboard
The Mexican government confirms that it was hit by a major cyber attack. Hackers obtained data held by the military, including details about the president’s health.
Oct. 3, 2022
Fronteras Desk logo
A panel of independent experts has accused the Mexican government of obstructing an investigation into the 2014 disappearance of 43 students. The report casts doubt on the government’s ability to carry out justice in the case.
Sep. 30, 2022
Fronteras Desk logo
The state human rights commission in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, has notified prosecutors of 15 disappearance cases that demonstrate serious failures by authorities.
Sep. 29, 2022
Fronteras Desk logo
The special prosecutor leading an investigation into 43 missing students in southern Mexico has resigned. There are concerns about the implications of his resignation for the future of the case.
Sep. 28, 2022
An Arizona aid group will receive new funding as part of the Diaper Distribution Pilot program, a federal program launched by the Department of Health and Human Services.
Sep. 27, 2022
ICE agent badge
A group in Congress is renewing calls to review and end 287(g) — a Department of Homeland Security program that has local law enforcement agencies partner with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Sep. 14, 2022
Food bank donation box
Volunteers play a critical role in keeping certain organizations and services up and running. From family caregivers to school volunteers, these unpaid workers are unsung heroes. One nonprofit has an urgent need for volunteers.
Sep. 5, 2022
Fronteras Desk logo
A domestic violence prevention program in Tucson is one of more than 80 nonprofits nationwide receiving funding from the Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women.
Aug. 29, 2022


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