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Kris Mayes
Arizona’s attorney general says a DNA analysis company violated state law by not informing state officials of a data breach that affected millions of its customers.
Jan. 11, 2024
New data reveals the Valley’s inflation rate for last year was among the lowest in the country at 2.7%. Nationally, the rate was 3.4%.
Jan. 11, 2024
Burton Barr Central Library reopened in Phoenix Saturday, June 16. Last July, a pipe burst and flooded the building, causing it to close for nearly a year.
Phoenix Public Library will host its second annual scholarship expo for high school seniors on Feb. 1.
Jan. 10, 2024
Marijuana in a jar next to a cannabis joint on a countertop
The Show spoke with Eddie Celaya, a reporter with KGUN 9 in Tucson and host of the "Here Weed Go" podcast, about where the marijuana industry stands in Arizona as we start the new year and what else might be on the horizon
Jan. 10, 2024
construction worker on a roof
On Tuesday, Phoenix became the first city in Arizona to pass a prevailing-wage ordinance. A divided City Council approved setting wage standards for certain construction projects.
Jan. 9, 2024
Graduation mortar board cap on one hundred dollar bills concept for the cost of education
Arizonans have a new incentive to invest in 529 plans. These tax-advantaged savings plans previously could only be used for tuition and other qualified education costs. Now families can transfer unused funds from those plans into a Roth IRA account, with no tax penalty.
Jan. 9, 2024
Woman in red blazer and glasses standing in front of U.S. Capitol building
The Show spoke with Winslow Mayor Roberta Canó about how significant she thinks the I-40 TradePort Corridor will be her for community.
Jan. 8, 2024
lucid air
The Phoenix-based regional director of the National Labor Relations Board is accusing an electric-luxury-sports-car maker in Casa Grande of anti-union activities. A spokesperson for Lucid USA says they are confident that there is no factual basis for the complaint.
Jan. 5, 2024
Machine makes microchips
The funding comes as a part of CHIPS and Sciences Act, expanding semiconductor manufacturing investments in the United States.
Jan. 4, 2024
Pumping gas in a truck
Arizona didn’t see much of a spike in gas prices over the holidays. But drivers in Maricopa County are paying about $3.40 for a gallon of regular gas right now. That’s about 30 cents above the national average, according to AAA.
Jan. 4, 2024
Supplies for a jean repair.
The Show spoke with Julie Hampton about her 2023 resolution to not buy a single new item of clothing.
Jan. 4, 2024
Tasha Miller Griffith
The Show continues its series Made in Arizona with Tasha Miller Griffith, a textile artisan who mends clothes in Flagstaff.
Jan. 4, 2024
scam call illustration
The Show spoke with Brian Watson, community outreach specialist for the nonprofit ROSE — Resources/Outreach to Safeguard the Elderly — about financial fraud targeting senior citizens.
Jan. 4, 2024
The seven very tall silos next to the Hayden Flour Mill are in the foreground of this picture. The mill itself is seen in the background. Another, mostly glass, building is seen behind that. There is a clear blue sky.
The development project calls for the Hayden Flour Mill silos and building new restaurants and shops, a public park, restoration of the mill and its silos, and an improved trailhead to the A Mountain.
Jan. 3, 2024
The Lukeville Port of Entry is re-opening Thursday after being closed in early December. Arizona politicians called for more federal government support, and aids groups say they continue to be overwhelmed with the number of asylum seekers.
Jan. 3, 2024
Woman in a cozy sweater sitting in a chair reading by a fireplace with a mug of tea
The Show spoke with Amanda Kehrberg, a Ph.D. student at Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication studying digital culture, about what the pop culture landscape will look like in 2024.
Jan. 3, 2024
Grand Canyon National Park
Rodenticides are already prohibited within Grand Canyon National Park and all its residences. A bobcat in South Rim Village was found dead recently with high levels of rodent poison in its system.
Jan. 2, 2024
$17 in bills
Flagstaff's minimum wage has gone up again. As of Monday, it rose to $17.40 from $16.80 an hour. The increase keeps the city ahead of Arizona’s minimum wage, which also slightly increased on Jan. 1.
Jan. 1, 2024
A gymnastics class for preschoolers
Starting Jan. 1, Peoria will collect sales taxes on dance, gymnastics, and martial arts studios that charge for dance, sports, athletic, or health-related instruction after. A random audit revealed the issue.
Dec. 27, 2023
Young woman and child making compost from food watse
Up to 400 eligible households in Phoenix can receive a yearlong composting service at no charge. Applications are being accepted through Jan. 5.
Dec. 27, 2023


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