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phoenix police car
Phoenix police recently said detectives are investigating officers who shot and killed a man after he ignored orders to stop throwing rocks. Now the local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is calling for an independent review.
Sep. 28, 2022
Smartphone with flash recording video beyond a police line
A federal judge temporarily blocked an Arizona law that would have made it a misdemeanor to video record police within 8 feet. Whether that block becomes permanent, it has raised concerns about free speech.
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Sep. 26, 2022
Phoenix police record fentanyl bust in Avondale
With deadly overdoses on the rise, fentanyl has become a high priority among law enforcement. And the growing prevalence of the synthetic opioid is underscored by what Phoenix police are calling the largest fentanyl seizure in the department’s history.
Sep. 24, 2022
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A new report from the advocacy group Amnesty International alleges Haitians faced discrimination and abuse while in the U.S. seeking asylum.
Sep. 23, 2022
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The Arizona Supreme Court has declared a crisis over a lack of adult probation officers. Eight counties don’t have enough to keep caseload volume below a cap set by state law.
Sep. 22, 2022
Phoenix police logo
A former Phoenix police officer has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for fraudulently securing over a million dollars in federal COVID-19 funds. Toni Richardson gave up her badge before she could be fired.
Sep. 21, 2022
A complaint filed with the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General alleges medical neglect and unsafe conditions at an immigrant detention center in Florence.
Sep. 20, 2022
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Activists held a demonstration outside the White House this week calling for an end to pandemic-era restrictions at the border. The event marked a year since images of Border Patrol agents chasing, grabbing and yelling at Haitian migrants emerged from Del Rio, Texas.
Sep. 20, 2022
Phoenix police sign
A retired police lieutenant hopes to expand a nonprofit she started while working in Phoenix.
Sep. 19, 2022
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Mexico’s lower house of Congress has voted to continue using the military to tackle domestic security issues through 2028.
Sep. 15, 2022
Michael Sullivan
To help confront a chronic shortage of officers, Phoenix recently made its police department the highest-paid law enforcement agency in Arizona. Another strategy for keeping department ranks full is holding onto the most experienced and well-trained officers.
Sep. 15, 2022
Mesa police
Restrictions on videotaping police officers will not take effect this year. That is partially because representatives were unable to find an organization willing to defend the law.
Sep. 15, 2022
Jeri Williams
Turnover in leadership is underway this week at the Phoenix Police Department. Outgoing Chief Williams is helping onboard her interim replacement, Michael Sullivan.
Sep. 14, 2022
ICE agent badge
A group in Congress is renewing calls to review and end 287(g) — a Department of Homeland Security program that has local law enforcement agencies partner with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Sep. 14, 2022
United States flag and a U.S. Department of Homeland Security flag
A government watchdog report out this month finds that Information Technology systems run by the Department of Homeland Security failed to keep track of migrants during processing at the border in 2021.
Sep. 14, 2022
Phoenix police officers on bicycles
Hiring and retention bonuses and salary increases are paying off for Phoenix police. When the Phoenix City Council voted in June to make Phoenix police the highest paid law enforcement agency in the state, people noticed. The department expects to hire 200 officers this year, twice as many as last year.
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Sep. 14, 2022
police crime scene tape
A federal judge on Friday blocked enforcement of a new Arizona law restricting how the public and journalists can film police.
Sep. 9, 2022
Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador
Mexico’s National Guard has been used not only as a police force, but to undertake migration control, staff ports and carry out infrastructure projects. Now, with approval from the Senate, the civilian-led law enforcement body will be handed over to the Army.
Sep. 9, 2022
Rachel Mitchell
Maricopa County’s interim top prosecutor recently moved to require prison time in plea offers made to people accused of using a gun while committing a felony.
Sep. 8, 2022
judge's gavel
The interim Maricopa County attorney is forecasting a significant reduction in the number of unfilled prosecutor jobs.
Sep. 8, 2022


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