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The Zone in Phoenix
More than $200 million from two different Arizona funds will be allocated to communities ready to address homelessness through housing, supportive services and programs. About $150 million is from the new state budget. That’s more than double its previous allocation.
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Jun. 8, 2023
housing construction
Arizona’s housing market has been booming in recent years. But now, due to projected groundwater shortfalls, the state is going to start limiting some housing development in areas that rely solely on groundwater.
Jun. 6, 2023
homeless encampment
Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed a bill Monday designed to force communities to dismantle homeless encampments.
Jun. 6, 2023
The sign up portal for the Maricopa Title Alert service is shown here. There are fields to enter your email address and name.
Last week, the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office launched a new service, Maricopa Title Alerts. It works like Google Alerts, and emails users whenever the county records their name on a document.
Jun. 5, 2023
The Human Services Campus in Phoenix held a drive this weekend to collect water and other items needed to help people experiencing homelessness survive the summer. Along with deadly heat, a July 10 deadline is also approaching for those living on the streets.
Jun. 4, 2023
The front yard of a Scottsdale home is seen here. The house is white with a garage and small amount of grass in front of it. The photo also shows a mailbox, closest to the camera. The house is a light color and the roof appears to be dark teal.
This week, the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office announced a new, free service called Maricopa Title Alert. It works like Google Alerts and monitors document recordings of names entered into the system.
Jun. 1, 2023
The Zone in Phoenix
The city of Phoenix is continuing to clear out the massive homeless encampment downtown known as "the Zone." The court-ordered cleanup began May 10 and resumed Wednesday.
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May. 31, 2023
Tempe Town Lake plane view
Affordable housing is a challenge all over the state — including in the city of Tempe. Mayor Corey Woods joined The Show to talk about how his city is working to find housing for people in need.
May. 31, 2023
Apartment kitchen
Phoenix leaders are pushing Arizona’s congressional delegation to help low-income residents. Specifically, they want more federal vouchers for subsidized housing.
May. 30, 2023
Periwinkle Mobile Home Park on May 27, 2023
Residents of the Periwinkle Mobile Home Park near Grand Canyon University in Phoenix have been on notice to find a new place to call home. GCU bought the property with plans to develop student housing, and the deadline to move out was Sunday.
May. 27, 2023
KJZZ logo generic card
The Biden administration recently awarded nearly $100 million in competitive community development grants to tribal nations. But only about $7.7 million is coming to local areas.
May. 26, 2023
The Zone downtown Phoenix
In March, local businesses won a lawsuit against Phoenix over what they say are health and safety concerns in and around the city’s biggest homeless encampment, known as “The Zone.” Concerns around crime are also shared by those living in it.
May. 26, 2023
Tempe has opened a family advocacy center. The confidential location is designed to serve all victims of crime.
May. 25, 2023
Extreme heat orange sun sunset
At least four people in the Valley have died as a result of heat in 2023. That’s a slight increase compared to the same time period last year.
May. 25, 2023
barbara gaeke
Heat-related deaths in Maricopa County have been rising. Last summer was the deadliest on record. So this year, the county is spending more on heat relief than it ever has before in hopes of turning the trend around.
May. 19, 2023
Tents line the sidewalks near the intersection of 12th Avenue and Madison Street near the state capitol. This location has one of the highest densities of people living on the street in Phoenix.
The Phoenix metro area is one of six regions nationwide that’s been tapped to participate in a new White House program to address homelessness.
May. 18, 2023
Phoenix City Council chambers
As Arizona lawmakers take a monthlong break, Phoenix leaders are moving forward on a budget with some uncertainty.
May. 16, 2023
A view of "The Zone" in downtown Phoenix
The ACLU of Arizona wants a judge to find the city of Phoenix in contempt of a court order that prohibits the city from violating the constitutional rights of unhoused people during encampment sweeps.
May. 16, 2023
Steve Kaiser
While there are some provisions to address Arizona’s housing crisis in the new budget, a bipartisan housing bill died in the state Senate. Now Sen. Steve Kaiser is reaching across the aisle to revive portions of that bill.
May. 11, 2023
Closed entrance
A special viewing of the 1989 movie, “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” will be held at the former Metrocenter Mall in Phoenix.
May. 10, 2023


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