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An employee prepares to feed currency into a machine at the Phoenix Processing Center
Phoenix is working on ways to spend $416 million from the American Rescue Plan, also known as the COVID-19 Stimulus Package.
Apr. 26, 2021
Scottsdale City Hall
On Tuesday, the Scottsdale City Council unanimously passed an LGBTQ inclusive anti-discrimination ordinance. Scottsdale joins Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Tempe and other cities that have adopted an ordinance to fully protect LGBTQ families and individuals from discrimination in public accommodations, employment and housing in the city.
Apr. 21, 2021
bed in a hotel room
A new report finds Phoenix fares better than the national average when it comes to household size and self-isolation.
Apr. 20, 2021
Phoenix City Council chambers
Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego and four councilmembers took their oaths of office Monday. The swearing-in ceremony includes two newcomers to the City Council, and their priorities could drastically shape the city’s future.
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Apr. 19, 2021
A for sale sign in the yard of a home in Phoenix
The affordable housing crisis is well-known across Arizona, but a new analysis from the Urban Land Institute puts that problem into a little more context. The 2021 Home Attainability Index ranks the Phoenix area as one of the 24 least affordable regions of the country; that includes both rental homes and those for purchase.
Apr. 15, 2021
Tents line the sidewalks near the intersection of 12th Avenue and Madison Street near the state capitol on January 29, 2020. This location has one of the highest densities of people living on the street in Phoenix.
In a few months, the Phoenix metro area should have a comprehensive regional plan to address homelessness. The Maricopa Association of Governments presented an overview to the Phoenix City Council on Tuesday.
Apr. 14, 2021
A house for rent in Phoenix.
Renting or buying a home in Arizona is increasingly expensive and more and more households in our state are cost-burdened. A new report from ASU’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy says the state’s affordable housing shortage is only going to get worse without intervention.
Apr. 9, 2021
air conditioning repair
Arizona home builders are facing a shortage of materials that is reverberating through the construction industry. That is also affecting air conditioning suppliers.
Apr. 7, 2021
home under construction
Startup costs for home construction are expensive, so in years past, Arizona homebuilder Fulton Homes has had a policy of not giving buyers refunds. But Fulton has announced a temporary change in its that policy.
Apr. 6, 2021
For rent sign now vacant
Chandler is expanding its rent and utility assistance program to help alleviate some financial strain created by the pandemic.
Mar. 25, 2021
A bill that would address some of cities’ concerns is moving through the Legislature this year. SB 1379 would give cities and towns some tools to regulate the market. But it would not allow them to zone for short-term rentals, which is what they’re mostly asking for.
Mar. 10, 2021
A house for sale in north Glendale
The lack of affordable housing continues to be a significant problem in the Valley and statewide. A little more than a year ago, The Show spoke with Howard Epstein about a unique way to try to help solve the problem. The Show spoke with Epstein again for an update on how things are going.
Mar. 8, 2021
A house for rent in Phoenix.
Rents have continued to increase across metro Phoenix over the past year. The biggest was a 15% jump in one-bedroom prices in Surprise. Arizona State University real estate professor Mark Stapp says the solution is to build.
Feb. 22, 2021
Heather van Blokland
#AZNumbers is a weekly segment featuring thoughts and insight into Arizona's economic news. This week's number: $1,000. Listen to the KJZZ business block with Heather van Blokland weekdays at 6 p.m. on 91.5 FM or stream it on KJZZ.org.
Feb. 19, 2021
Tents line the sidewalks near the intersection of 12th Avenue and Madison Street near the state capitol on January 29, 2020. This location has one of the highest densities of people living on the street in Phoenix.
Two weeks after approving a zoning request for more shelter beds, Phoenix is now devoting millions more for homeless services. Central Arizona Shelter Services, the state's largest shelter, says the money will add 275 beds by summer and help bring on more case managers.
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Feb. 17, 2021
A house for rent in Phoenix.
Apartment rents in major U.S. cities decreased by as much as 27% over the course of the last year, but that’s not the same for many suburbs like Glendale and Gilbert, which were among the top 10 cities for rent-price increases in 2020.
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Feb. 12, 2021
Dr. Sophina Calderon
With many of us spending much more time at home over the last year, the common things we’d do most days have become much less common. For those who can work from home or order groceries via an app, the overall effect on our lives hasn’t been extremely dramatic. But many residents of the Navajo Nation and members of the Hopi Tribe have much greater challenges.
Feb. 11, 2021
furnished bedroom
A new Arizona bill would permit cities to enact zoning restrictions that could set limitations on the number of short-term rentals. This is despite a 2016 law that hinders cities and counties from enacting such limitations.
Feb. 11, 2021
Phoenix City Council chambers
Some north Phoenix residents feel betrayed after a developer changed plans for an assisted living center and received the City Council’s unanimous approval.
Feb. 10, 2021
For rent sign now vacant
Data from Eviction Lab shows there’ve been a lot of eviction filings in Phoenix, even during the pandemic. The Show spoke with Giridhar Mallya of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for more about what policies might help reduce evictions both here and nationwide.
Feb. 10, 2021


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