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A for sale sign in the yard of a home in Phoenix
Phoenix has had the highest home appreciation rates in the country for the past 17 months, according to the S&P Core Logic Case-Shiller Index. In October, the last month for which data is available, Phoenix saw a 12.7% year-over-year increase. Seattle and San Diego followed.
Jan. 21, 2021
Tempe City Council recently approved a new housing initiative it believes to be the first of its kind in Arizona to ensure affordable housing for years to come.
Jan. 17, 2021
home under construction
“Zombie subdivisions" left behind when the Great Recession collapsed the homebuilding industry in Casa Grande are coming back to life. The partially built neighborhoods were left incomplete, some with water and sewer lines and even paved streets.
Jan. 15, 2021
trash along curb by tents
Samantha Batko, a senior research associate at the Urban Institute, researches homelessness and low-income housing programs. Batko joined The Show to talk about policies that work to get people into stable housing and how those policies are implemented.
Jan. 6, 2021
Woman sitting outside next to tent
Last week, Maricopa County canceled their annual count of people living on the streets. Those homeless, but in shelters, will be counted.
Jan. 6, 2021
Flagstaff Shelter Services
It’s the holiday season in northern Arizona, and so far, there hasn’t been a lot of snow. But nights are cold. From Flagstaff to remote stretches of the Navajo Nation, winter can be hard for the poor and the elderly. Fortunately, there are people who want to help.
Dec. 29, 2020
For rent sign now vacant
After wavering over the holiday weekend on signing a $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill, the president finally put pen to paper Dec. 27 — extending unemployment benefits, issuing a $600 check to individuals and releasing rental assistance funds.
Dec. 28, 2020
Empty room
New data show the pandemic’s impact on the apartment rental industry.
Dec. 28, 2020
person opening front door with a key
Since President Trump still hasn’t signed the congressional pandemic aid package, thousands of Arizonans risk losing unemployment insurance and eviction protections this week. Some Arizona faith leaders say it’s time for Gov. Ducey to intervene.
Dec. 25, 2020
A home under construction
After three straight months of record highs, homebuilder confidence dipped in December. Housing demand remains strong going into the new year while inventory is considered low.
Dec. 18, 2020
Arizona Capitol building
The individual benefits of the CARES Act have expired since the COVID relief bill’s passage back in March. In addition to business and corporate aid, the bill provided Americans with a one-time payment of $1,200 and a $600 weekly enhancement to state-issued unemployment benefits.
Dec. 14, 2020
door knob lock
When the CDC's eviction moratorium expires on Dec. 31, close to 250,000 Arizonans impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic's economic fallout could lose their homes. A coalition of interfaith leaders from across Arizona is calling on Gov. Ducey to do something about this impending homelessness crisis.
Dec. 11, 2020
Downtown Flagstaff
The Flagstaff City Council declared a housing emergency last week, pledging to find ways to make housing more affordable. Mayor Coral Evans said Flagstaff is so used to living with runaway housing costs that it has gotten used to it.
Dec. 9, 2020
big cardboard box full of cans
The pandemic led the city’s public works department to come up with a new way for Phoenix residents to get rid of hazardous materials.
Dec. 3, 2020
report cover
A new report aims to serve as a resource to make it easier for people with autism and other cognitive disabilities to find a place to live. A Place in the World includes more than 150 terms to help guide people to better understand housing preferences, accessibility needs, supportive amenities and service delivery models. Lack of housing — specifically affordable housing — is a major concern not just in Arizona, but around the country, and Denise Resnik thinks this new guide can help.
Dec. 2, 2020
house for rent
The pandemic has only made worse already-existing inequalities in housing in our state. And from who has access to affordable housing to the impending end of the eviction moratorium here, this year’s State of the State conference held by ASU’s Morrison Institute of Public Policy tackled all of it.
Dec. 2, 2020
A home for lease in north Phoenix
Increased home sales and lower inventory continue to drive up housing costs in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Maricopa County’s median sales price is now $28,000 higher more than the national median.
Luxury Housing Market Booming In Arizona
Dec. 1, 2020
Back in September, a home in Scottsdale’s Silverleaf community sold for $24.1 million. The luxury housing market here is booming, and according to some, it bodes well for the already-hot housing market in our state overall.
Dec. 1, 2020
person opening front door with a key
A group of tenant advocates took a look at a sampling of evictions in Maricopa County from February to July. The data suggested potentially hundreds of renters were removed from their homes when they should not have been under federal law.
Nov. 19, 2020
Phoenix is using half a million dollars in federal coronavirus relief funds to help keep pets and people together during the pandemic and recession.
Nov. 5, 2020


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